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Graffiti Photo Editing Challenge

WE ASKED people to take the unprocessed image and edit it.

These are the results and ‘how to’ notes.

First up was PAUL BENSON.

Edits on Photoshop:

  1. Rotate clockwise to level top of wall
  2. Applied Nik Collection filter detail extractor
  3. Applied lens correction to remove distortion, change vertical and horizontal perspective
  4. Cropped the image
  5. Applied Auto contrast
  6. Increased Saturation
  7. Sharpened the image
  8. Added a little more Contrast
  9. Remove a little red in Colour Balance.
  10. Filter Artistic – Cutout.


I applied a filter entitled ‘morning’, straightened the pic up a bit, and cropped out the signpost. I tried adding a frame but it didn’t work.

Also taking part was MAGGIE WINGFIELD.

I used the ‘Photos’ editing App in Windows to crop the image, taking out some distracting items. I also enhanced the colour and sharpened the image.

DAVE HOOK was next:

I changed the image to monochrome, then used the compositing tool in the Canon Pro 4 software to create three images, one on top of the other.  I then used a filter to introduce a new colour using the App in Windows.

Next was LYNN LEEDHAM who named her image “Stripe”.

Cropped enhanced sharpened noise reduction stripe added using In Pixio.

Then came NIGEL ROBSON with his Tornadoes Fly Over:

I used Elements 19. I adjusted/realigned the picture. Cropped the bottom and sides. I blanked out the top and created a new layer. The plane picture was resized and fitted.

And finally, I had to have a go too. RAY DUFFILL:

Straighten, crop and highlights in Picasa3. Then into Elements, used NIK (Silver Effex 5. High Structure (harsh)) to turn B&W, cropped again in Elements, then added a Layer Mask and painted (to reveal) the brighter colours back in.

Hopefully those who took part found the exercise useful and fun? And those reading this and viewing the results might like the photographers’ notes? Do let us know!

Remember we still have Photography Challenge 2021 which is ‘live’ to take part in!



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One response to “Graffiti Photo Editing Challenge”

  1. Some great ideas, and different techniques used. It’s amazing what can be done. it was fun to have a go, more please.

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