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A Night with the Editors! Wed 7 October 2022

You are invited to bring your laptop to our internet-connected club meeting on Wednesday.

EDITING YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOS after you’ve taken them (post-production) is something that we all probably do whether using your camera’s native software or a specific editing software program. The extent to which you edit your images depends on the starting file format (JPEG or RAW), the software you use and your familiarity with it, and according to the aims of your creative vision for the resulting image.

We have discovered that Hedon Viewfinders members use a variety of image editing and image manipulation programs. What we thought would be a useful exercise, particularly for those considering changing or upgrading their software, is to hold an editing night. This is where members can bring along their laptops (if you have one) and we’ll each work on editing some common images as an exercise, and give an overview of some of the programs that are available.

So whether you use your camera’s own software, or programs like the monthly rented Photoshop, Lightroom, or one-off purchases like Affinity, Luminar, PhotoLab, inPixio, etc, etc, we’ll try to look at each and give some idea about their costs, ease of use, ease of learning and results.

Whether you are bringing your laptop or not, below is a rather plain image that you might want to download and use as a sample image to practice on. Bring along your edited image on your laptop or a memory stick/flash drive and we can have a look.

editing sample file
right click to dowload and save

Wednesday 7 October 2022, 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH

Capture the spirit of Hull Fair – Wednesday 14 October 2022

We intend to run a trip to Hull Fair meeting at 6:45pm – 7:00pm at the Anlaby Road side of Walton Street. Bring your tripods for some long-exposure action. Advice on the night with camera settings and techniques.

The Cow – Hedon Viewfinders 4th editing challenge

The Cow. Results of our 4th Editing Challenge.

We asked you to re-edit our basic image of a cow in front of Saltend Chemicals Park.

The results are in. There are fewer entries than normal for our editing challenge, but more people actually took part in the challenge at the Club meeting on Wed 30th June. These are those who emailed their results in.

First up is Paul Benson.

How I did it:

  • 1.  Applied the artistic filter ‘Poster Edges’.
  • 2.  Cropped the image to portrait format.
  • 3.  Increased the contrast slightly.
  • 4.  Increased saturation slightly.

Next is Janet Bucknall with her Jurassic Cow!

How I did it:

Janet says she found some new stuff on her computer and just enjoyed herself by adding fun images.

This is Lynn Leedham’s framed bovine creation.

How I did it:

Enhanced cut and framed using Inpixio Editing.

Edit on original by Ray Duffill.

How I did it.

In Elements, I sharpened by using the High Pass Filter and Overlay blend mode. Then a Hue & Saturation Adjustment layer to boost the colour. Cropped.

This is Dave Hook’s edit.

How I did it:

I used Canon compositing software to create this image. I used two of my own existing photographs. I cropped the image and increased saturation.

And this is “The Cow” by Maggie Wingfield:

How I did it:

Using ‘Photoeditor’ on my laptop, I selected mid-level posterisation and placed a different sky background I then inserted the bird using ‘LightX’ app on my iPhone.

We hope you enjoy seeing how these editing challenges are undertaken. There really are no limits other than imagination to what we can do with a basic image.

Remember your Open Photography Competition Entry for the Preston Show! Open to all not just Viewfinders members.


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

Subscribe to get the news from the club every time we update this website.

ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms

Bridge Shadows & Road editing challenge – the results are in!

Latest editing challenge results. Club Nights on Smoke & Flame and Falconry. News on Junior Photography Competition from the Picture It club.

We asked you to re-edit our basic image taken on the Club’s last Photo Walk of ‘Bridge Shadows and Road’.

The results are in and they are all very interesting!

First up is Paul Benson with “SOW” who says he got distracted and zoomed in rather close to one of those windows…

How I did it:

  1. Cropped the image
  2. Applied the Nik Collection filter – Detail Extractor
  3. Applied the Nik Collection filter – Wet Plate 9
  4. Cut out the window and increased the contrast
  5. Reduced the saturation
  6. Sharpened the image

This is “The Album Cover” by Nigel Robson:

How I did it:

I used Elements 19
The picture was heavily cropped.
The shadows were enhanced (shadowing tool)
A special effects kit called Pop was used to quadruple the picture.
The spot healing tool was used to remove Ask Italian.
Dreamed up a pop group!
Using the Text facility I created text boxes with psychedelic touches.

This is Lynn Leedham’s “Who are we?”

How I did it:

Entry for the photo challenge. Who-are-we? Cropped, used textures and opacity tool, using Inpixio.

“Munch’s Ghosts” by Keith Madden.

How I did it:

  1. Convert to 16-bit ROMM
  2. Straighten
  3. Select human shadow area, mask and darken shadows.
  4. Put through GMIC artistic filter
  5. Crop
  6. Add edging using NIK

With a monochrome version is Ray Duffill.

How I did it. Simple B&W conversion using Silver Effex in Nik.

This is Janet Bucknall’s funky edit.

How I did it:

I cropped out the car, then did some stuff on Google and Snapseed, but I didn’t write it down, and now I’ve forgotten what I did! Sorry! Quite like the effect though!

So do we, Janet. How often do we ‘play around’ with an image and then forget what we’ve done!?

This is Dave Hook’s edit which concentrated on the Road side.

And this is Maggie Wingfield’s edit.

We hope you enjoy seeing how these editing challenges are undertaken. There really are no limits other than imagination to what we can do with a basic image.

Other Club News:

It was lovely to meet up again last Wednesday at the Haven Arms following the easing of lockdown restictions. Members had to stick to their own tables. No mixing of tables was allowed. Social distancing still had to be exercised. And masks worn when moving around the pub. Yet despite these restictions members hung around long after the business had finished to chat and catch up with each other.

We discussed the new Public Photography Competition to be held at the Preston Show and will bring you more information about this soon.

Smoke & Flame Night

We have arranged to meet next week WED 26 MAY 2021 at 7pm for a practical photography session on “Smoke & Flame”. Each table will have its own photography opportunities and challenges. And there will be one central feature that can be accessed in turn by each table. Expect candles, matches, sparklers, incense sticks and other surprises!

East Yorkshire Falconry Night

On Wed 2 June we have a trip arranged to East Yorkshire Falconry (kindly booked for us by Peter). This is an opportunity to photograph birds of prey. We are asking for a minimum donation of £2 from each of us attending. This goes towards feeding the birds. We can meet in larger groups of up to 30 outdoors so hopefully, this will be well-attended. If you let us know that you intend to come along, we’ll ensure that you are sent an email about the trip.

We were delighted to welcome Keith and Dorothy to their first meeting on Wednesday. We also met up briefly with Kris before the meeting to accept some lighting kit from him which he has kindly donated to the club. Kris is leaving the area but we hope to catch up with him before he leaves.

Finally, we are delighted to promote this Junior Photographer Competition for our friends at Withernsea’s Picture It group. Please do share and help promote the competition.

Leaves photo editing challenge

WE ASKED you to edit our unprocessed photo of leaves on the cobbles. It really was a case of ‘anything goes’ using whatever editing tools you like.

We hope the participants enjoyed the challenge. And we hope that other photographers will be inspired by the ‘How I did it’ notes to have a go themselves next time.

Here are the results:

Leaves on road re-edit by Carl Cooper

Leaves on road re-edit by Carl Cooper

I basically found the images I wanted to add and cut them out, copied them in, adjusted the sizes and positions, adjusted the levels so they blended, added a gaussian blur, added a vignette and changed the colour to black n white.

“Please don’t leaf me here” by Tony Beacock.

Please don’t leaf me here! Tony Beacock.

How I did it: A fairly simple edit using GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). I duplicated the image and desaturated the top layer in order to make it greyscale, before adding a layer mask to it. Using the eraser tool, I then erased the areas of the image, exposing the colour from the second layer, lying beneath, and untouched.

“Leaves illegally parked” by MH Seville

“Leaves illegally parked” by MH Seville

How I did it: Unfortunately, my knowledge of Microsoft Office Picture Manager is limited, and I just used “crop” to remove the cars, and then to crop small left & right sections to improve the resulting composition, and then just “auto correct”!

“LEAVES” by Paul Benson

“LEAVES” by Paul Benson

How I did it:

  1. Cropped the image
  2. Used the Photoshop add on Nik Filter ‘Detail Extractor’
  3. Used the PS add on Nik Filter ‘Multi Camera’
  4. Used the Photoshop Noise filter ‘Dist & Scratches’
  5. Reduced the saturation.

Re-edit by Keith Maddon

Re-edit by Keith Maddon

How I did it:

I thought I’d have ago at your challenge by way of an ice -breaker. I haven’t done anything whacky just some tweaking to try and give the image more “pop”.

I’ve used Affinity Photo and the free version of the NIK collection.

  1. Changed the colour space from 8-bit RGB to 16-bit Adobe.
  2. Reduced the saturation and luminance of the greens to de-emphasise the moss.
  3. Tweaked the white level.
  4. Removed small bits and blemishes using clone, inpaint and patch tools.
  5. Changed the perspective.
  6. Added some noise to the top of the picture to de-emphasise the cars and the wall.
  7. Added vignette and some tonal contrast using NIK.

“On yer bike!” by Lynn Leedham.

“On yer bike!” by Lynn Leedham

How I did it: My entry for the photo challenge. On Yer Bike. Cropped, enhanced, bike and rider added using In- Pixio.

Re-edit by Janet Bucknall

Re-edit by Janet Bucknall

How I did it: I cropped out the car, and added a watercolour filter, on my phone, then blurred it. On Snapseed, I added glamour, and the double exposed it.

Street Photo Edit by Gareth Hughes

Street Photo Edit by Gareth Hughes

How I did it:

  • 1/ Rotated and cropped the original image
  • 2/ Copied the photo to a second layer
  • 3/ Mirrored the 2nd layer and faded both to blend them together
  • 4/ Darkened both images

Leaves Re-edit by Dave Hook

Leaves Re-edit by Dave Hook

How I did it: I composited the image in CanonPro4.  I put another layer over the image, cropped it, altered the colour slightly by fading. 

“Sucked into the Vortex!” by Ray Duffill

“Sucked into the Vortex!” by Ray Duffill

How I did it: In Elements I added saturation to boost the colours. Then Filter – Distort – Twirl for the vortex effect.

Leaves re-edit by Nigel Robson

Leaves re-edit by Nigel Robson

How I did it:

  • Cropped top and sides
  • Adjusted tone & colours
  • With the use of the Spot Healing Brush Tool removed debris/leaves off the footpath and some of the road

We hope that participants enjoyed the challenge. If you enjoyed viewing the results then please do consider joining in with the next editing challenge to be published soon.

Latest from Photography Challenge 2021.

74. An unmade bed.

And the winner of two points is the Black & White extra-legged bed of MAGGIE WINGFIELD.

In the League Table this now puts Maggie clearly into 5th position with 58 points.

Hedon Viewfinders – The free, fun and friendly photography club.

Graffiti Photo Editing Challenge

WE ASKED people to take the unprocessed image and edit it. These are the results and ‘how to’ notes.

WE ASKED people to take the unprocessed image and edit it.

These are the results and ‘how to’ notes.

First up was PAUL BENSON.

Edits on Photoshop:

  1. Rotate clockwise to level top of wall
  2. Applied Nik Collection filter detail extractor
  3. Applied lens correction to remove distortion, change vertical and horizontal perspective
  4. Cropped the image
  5. Applied Auto contrast
  6. Increased Saturation
  7. Sharpened the image
  8. Added a little more Contrast
  9. Remove a little red in Colour Balance.
  10. Filter Artistic – Cutout.


I applied a filter entitled ‘morning’, straightened the pic up a bit, and cropped out the signpost. I tried adding a frame but it didn’t work.

Also taking part was MAGGIE WINGFIELD.

I used the ‘Photos’ editing App in Windows to crop the image, taking out some distracting items. I also enhanced the colour and sharpened the image.

DAVE HOOK was next:

I changed the image to monochrome, then used the compositing tool in the Canon Pro 4 software to create three images, one on top of the other.  I then used a filter to introduce a new colour using the App in Windows.

Next was LYNN LEEDHAM who named her image “Stripe”.

Cropped enhanced sharpened noise reduction stripe added using In Pixio.

Then came NIGEL ROBSON with his Tornadoes Fly Over:

I used Elements 19. I adjusted/realigned the picture. Cropped the bottom and sides. I blanked out the top and created a new layer. The plane picture was resized and fitted.

And finally, I had to have a go too. RAY DUFFILL:

Straighten, crop and highlights in Picasa3. Then into Elements, used NIK (Silver Effex 5. High Structure (harsh)) to turn B&W, cropped again in Elements, then added a Layer Mask and painted (to reveal) the brighter colours back in.

Hopefully those who took part found the exercise useful and fun? And those reading this and viewing the results might like the photographers’ notes? Do let us know!

Remember we still have Photography Challenge 2021 which is ‘live’ to take part in!

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