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Best foot forward for Week 16 #viewfinders52

FEET/FOOTWEAR is the unusual theme for WEEK SIXTEEN of the Creative Photography 52 challenge.

The weekly Creative Photography 52 challenge, brought to you by Hedon Viewfinders photography club and the Holderness Gazette, aims to offer prompts and inspiration throughout the year so you can exercise those creative photography muscles.

Whilst providing ideas for photographers, camera and mobile phone shooters across the area, the weekly challenges can also serve to give other creatives a nudge too. If you paint, craft, or make things, then your creation could make a great photograph and be sent in as an entry to the weekly challenge.

So how should you tackle Feet/Footwear? Will it be a study of shape, heel, and sole, or a pair of boots involved in some activity? Or will your image be something completely off the wall – or floor!? The choice is up to you and your imagination.

Feet prompt image
Puffin Red Feet by Ray Duffill

Email your entries to or  (one entry per week) and put Creative 52 plus Week number 16 as the subject. Remember to include your name, and a title for the image does help. As well as sending your image to us, share on Facebook and Social Media using #viewfinders52.

Hedon Viewfinders will give prizes in the New Year for the best images posted throughout the challenge. See your images on the Creative Photography 52 Online Gallery, and the best in the Holderness Gazette every week.

Week 17 launches April 27 and is Time. Week 18 is the Night Sky – so some more interesting challenges are on their way. 

Week 15 – Electronics Review:

Of the submissions for Week 15, the favourites were the golden MoBoFury by Keith Madden and the humourous Electronics for Dummies by Janet Bucknall.

#viewfinders52 – Refer Friends and win a prize:

Refer a Friend to enter the Creative Photography 52 weekly challenge for the first time, and when they submit their first photo by email and mention your name, you will be eligible to win a special referral prize worth (£50 – £70 presented in the New Year along with the other prizes). The person who refers the most new people will win the prize.

Creative Photography 52 – #viewfinders52



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