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The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition 2020

HEDON VIEWFINDERS is pleased to present The Hedon Open Photography Online Exhibition 2020. It will run from Saturday 14th November until Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Presented here is a selection of images that represent the wide range of skill levels, interests and experience that exist amongst group members. We hope that the exhibition will act to spur or renew your interest in photography and encourage you to pick up a camera or other image-making device and join us in taking your hobby further. In normal non-pandemic times, we meet weekly at the Haven Arms in Hedon on Wednesdays. But until we are able to meet again we organise regularly via online methods including our website, Facebook and other social media.

The Exhibition is hosted on Viewfinders own website and also on the Hedon Blog (HU12 Online) in recognition of the club’s many links with the town in which we meet.

The images below (which will load in random order each time you access the page) are presented first and foremost for your enjoyment but are also offered for sale as prints if you wish to support the photographers and our chosen good cause Hedon Museum.

    • A4 prints £20 (the photographer will get £16 from any sale).
    • Folio of five 6×4 prints selected by the customer £20 (the photographer will get £3 if their image is one of the five.
    • Hedon Museum will benefit from every print sale and folio sale to the amount of £3.

You need to record the unique initials and number (example “AG1”) of each photo you are interested in buying whether as an A4 print or Folio of five 6×4 prints and send an email to with your order and postal address. In return, we’ll send you details about payment options (by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal).

Photos and Folios will be posted out in early December following payment. Note some images will necessarily print smaller and with borders in order to fit A4 and 6×4 format.

Hedon Viewfinders formed in 2016 and is the only photography club that meets in the town and rooted in the community. The club has gained a reputation for its fun and friendly approach. We are an informal club and it is free for anyone to participate. Many of our members are involved in other clubs and societies across the wider Hull area too. This adds to our ability to be able to network effectively and guide members in their personal development.

Finally – ENJOY THE PHOTOS (click on each for additional information, and please do leave comments and feedback).
Hedon Viewfinders.

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