Projector Photography Night September 28 September 2022

Help us by providing images for the evening, please!

Projector Photography

PROJECTOR PHOTOGRAPHY involves projecting an image onto a background, a person, or another object for artistic effect. And, in a first for the club, Hedon Viewfinders is going to experiment with the techniques at our Wednesday 28 September meet-up.

We’ll have two projectors available which we’ll use as mobile light sources. We are asking club members to help us by providing images that would make for a striking effect when projected. Colourful artwork or patterned images would work well but consider the effect that your images might have when projected onto a face, body, object, or surface. You might choose to create your own images especially customised for the night. Email your images to by 6pm Tuesday 27 September.

By working with other club members, you might be able to design some themes that might work on the night; vintage, sci-fi, fashion, etc. These themes might then suggest props and costumes that might enhance the photo shoot.

It looks like it will be a fun night with everybody able to take some very different photos.

Projection Photography, Hedon Viewfinders at The Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon on Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 7pm.

Trophy Presentations

HEDON VIEWFINDERS Photography Club formally presented the engraved trophies to the winners of the Preston Show Open Photography Competition last week (Wednesday, September 14) at the Haven Arms in Hedon. 

The annual Photographer of the Year was Simon Dallimore from Withernsea who won the Landscapes and Buildings categories with his sunlit snowy scene of the Pierhead Towers. The Young Photographer of the Year shield was won this year by 15-year-old Holderness Academy student Alex Darcy with his monochromatic panoramic seascape scene. Also awarded his trophy was People and Places category winner Kieth Madden of Hedon with his photo of a character in traditional Indian dress.

Awarded their trophies by the Club’s Chair Ray Duffill were:

  • Annual Photographer of the Year Simon Dallimore
  • Annual Young Photographer of the Year Alex Darcy (15)
  • People and Places category trophy winner Keith Madden.

Photos by Lynn Leedham:

The show itself was held on August 6 at the Nag’s Head in Preston, when the other winners were awarded their trophies: Jane Jeffrey (Best Animal Photo by a Preston resident) and Sandra Wood (Best Mobile Phone Photo – with Viki Hogger presenting the prizes).

In total, over 120 photographs were entered into the competition, seen by an estimated 750 people during the day of the show. Ray Duffill from Hedon Viewfinders extended his and the Club’s thanks to the organisers of the Preston Show, the Preston Village Community Group, and also his thanks to Mr. James Green from Holderness Academy for facilitating the entries from students at the school.

Key Dates:

DateSubject, Theme, etc.Notes.
Wed 28 SeptemberProjector Photography.7pm at the Haven Arms
 Wed 02 November Save all your PROPS and COSTUMES from Monday for our late HALLOWEEN NIGHT with dry-ice, smoke, and lots of spooky goings-on! 7pm the magic starts!
 Friday 25 November We want photographers and helpful elves to help us with Hedon’s Christmas Lights night photography! 4:30pm – 8.30pm
Sunday 11 December at 7pmTrip to Sewerby Winter Wonderland!£15. Need to book quickly!
Wed 14 December (provisional date)Hedon Viewfinders Christmas Party! Not to be missed!

Club News – Lensballs, Lamps and Trophies!

Photography for everyone at Hedon Viewfinders at the Haven Arms on Wednesdays…

HEDON VIEWFINDERS continues to organise photography events at its Haven Arms venue on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. As ever, we always seek to encourage, welcome and support new members. You don’t have to book in advance, you can just turn up to take part in the town’s free, fun and friendly photography club.

Lensball Photography: They might also be known as crystal balls, but you don’t need one to plan your next shot! These fascinating aids to photography provide optics that create some fascinating effects. They can also be used as props in their own right.

lensball zombie image

You don’t need a lensball to take part in the event but if you have one, bring it along! This will be interesting to those who have never used a lensball, but we hope to provide something different to those who have.

Lensball Photography: 7pm on Wednesday 31 August 2022 at the Haven Arms in Hedon.

bulb reflected macro photo

Macro or close-up Photography – a focus on lamps/bulbs: Macro photography is a wide-ranging subject, but at this meet-up, we are encouraging you to have a closer look at light bulbs as a subject. If you want to bring along your own (carefully!) as a subject, then please do. But we will have some props to play with.

Macro or close-up Photography – a focus on lamps/bulbs: 7pm on Wednesday 7 September 2022 at the Haven Arms in Hedon.

Presentation Night: We hope to present the annual Photographer of the Year Award and Young Photographer of the Year Shield to the winners resulting from the Open Photography Competition at Preston Show and Family Fun Day.

Additionally, we’ll be seeking volunteers to work on our ideas for next year’s show – plus we have exciting news to announce about a new club exhibition next year.

Presentation Night: Take your seats for 7pm on Wednesday 14 September 2022 at the Haven Arms in Hedon.


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s (and surrounding areas’) own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

Subscribe to get the news from the club every time we update this website.

ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms

Preston Show Open Photography Competition and Showcase success

This is the second time we have staged the Open Photography event and it has been a fantastic success!

Preston Open Photography Competition (Showcase)

Following are the headlines from the Preston Show Open Photography Competition which was very much a showcase of photographers’ work and photography taking place in the local area:

BUILDING / LANDSACPES 39 Entries: 1st and Winner of the Photographer of the Year (POTY) trophy with his image of Withernsea Pier head Towers was SIMON DALLIMORE. Trophy and certificate presented by Vikki (representing the show’s charitable beneficiaries).

2nd Mountain Landscape (in portrait): KIM DALLIMORE.
3rd: Silhouette Big Wheel: ALAN PADGETT.

Also in this category was the winner of Young Photographer of the Year (YPOTY): ALEX DARCY.

We did not have a Commended award, but if we did then a photograph with that status would have been Hepworth Arcade by DAVE JEFFREY and Saltend by the club’s own youngest photographer OLIVIA PADGETT.

PEOPLE / PLACES 41 Entries: 1st (trophy winner) with character in Indian dress was KEITH MADDEN.
2nd Portrait in landscape of his grandaughter: PETER DOBBS.
3rd Person in giant deckchair: MAGGIE WINGFIELD.

This was a very closely-fought category with Hannah by MARTIN COOPER and Three Little Ducks in her favourite place by LYNN LEEDHAM all potentially in the top three. The adventurous and abstract approach of many of the young photographers was also noteworthy.

Open Photography People and Places

BEST ON MOBILE 28 Entries: 1st (trophy winner) with Pumpkins Scene was SANDRA WOOD.
2nd Dog nose and face close up: MICHELLE ATKINSON.
3rd Hoverfly on flower: CAROL CARRICK.

Other photographs to commend were Jellyfishes a square image by HANNAH PADGETT and Boy With Bubble by a currently unidentified photographer.

ANY WILDLIFE (Preston residents) with 11 Entries: 1st (trophy winner) with Squirrel: JANE JEFFREY.
2nd Sleeping cat/kitten: ALISHA HAYWARD.
3rd Seagull take off: LINDA McGOWAN.

Trophy Presentation: The presentation of certificates for winners took place on the day in the show marquee at 4.30pm. Those photographers present did receive their trophies then. But we have also invited winners to our own Club Presentation Night PROPOSED FOR WED 14th SEPTEMBER at the Haven Arms at 7pm. This will give us time to get the POTY and YPOTY trophies engraved. The Presentation event will also give us the chance to celebrate the work of those commended photographers too.

The organisers of Preston Show estimate that around 750 people will have visited the marquee between 1.30pm and 5.00pm to see all the show exhibits. With at least 119 entries, the photography categories were the most popular.

Many thanks to the Show organisers for facilitating the event and particularly Linda McGowan who helped secure the extra space we needed to show everyone’s photos. Particular thanks are extended to Mr Green of Holderness Academy for facilitating the involvement of students in the competition.


The number of entries (119) is a minimum figure. The nature of the competition was that entries could be submitted up to 10.30am of the morning of the show – and the majority of entries were actually submitted that morning. As long as each photograph had a category and the photographer’s name on the back it was accepted. There simply was not the time to log each entry on a separate ticket/list which is what normally happens. Entries could be taken away again after 4pm and many were. Hence they were never counted in the total number of entries.

The event has demonstrated the interest in photography in the local area and the potential for growing this event each year. There is nothing like Preston Show Open Photography Competition in East Yorkshire.

We will discuss some of these club ideas for growing the event (which would be in partnership with the Preston Village Community Group) following the Presentation Event on the 17th August.

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