Hedon Viewfinders Panning Competition and Sparkly Bulb Project

Panning Competition:

Following the last meeting on “Panning”, we are holding a club ‘competition’ for Panning photos. Members are invited to send up to three photos demonstrating the panning technique in via email to viewfinders-ttl@gmx.co.uk (members on Facebook can use the Panning Album set up in the Facebook Group)

The Photos will be shown on the screen at the next meeting on Wednesday 18 March 2020 and you’ll be asked to give information on them, such as Where, Time of Day, Settings, etc.

Everyone will take part in helping to score the best one of each person’s three photos and the winning shot from each person will be looked at later by Ray and Glenn, who will choose the winning shots. There’ll be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Certificates awarded at the following meeting on 1st April 2020.

Whilst a friendly competition – above all, we want to see your photos attempting to pan, whatever the results. We can all learn by analysing what didn’t go quite right, as much as by looking at those that turned out well.

Sparkly Bulb Project Night – Haven Arms, Tues 10 March 2020, 7pm

A one-off project night to recreate the Sparkler and Vintage Bulb photos popularised by Gavin Hoey of Adorama TV. See the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/1AkeFMzn_u8

Bring your camera and tripod (although you can lend a tripod for the shoot) and we’ll bring the rest. Let us know you’re coming (at viewfinders-ttl@gmx.co.uk), and we’ll make sure we’ve got enough supplies for you to have a go at the shot.

Whilst an informal night, it’s also an opportunity to get some advice and tips on your photography.

Starts at 7pm on Tuesday 10 March at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon. Location: https://what3words.com/captive.crispier.pirate

All Welcome. Free, fun & friendly!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for the latest from Hedon Viewfinders!


Camera Techniques with Hedon Viewfinders – Panning – Wed 4 March 2020

This meeting of Viewfinders will have a look at PANNING: The technique where you move your camera along in time with a moving subject and end up getting a sharp subject but with a blurred background. We can spend some time with you looking at your camera settings and practising the technique.

Our next meeting continues our programme of activities to help people get to know their cameras and settings better.

Panning – practice anywhere and with anything…!

Panning is the technique where you move your camera along in time with a moving subject and end up getting a sharp or relatively sharp subject in your photo, but with a blurred background. It’s a technique that is used a lot in sports and action photography.

This meeting of Viewfinders will have a look at panning and we will have a chance to practice. We can spend some time with you looking at your camera settings and having a go with the technique.

Things to have a look at on your camera that will be useful:

  • Have a look at some of the semi-automatic modes on your camera that might be useful and/or interesting to try i.e. shutter priority/timer value (TV) modes, any special scene modes for panning or sports.
  • Find out how to control the shutter speed and other settings manually.
  • Look how to set your focus to manual and what auto-focus options are available i.e. one-shot focus and continuous focusing.

The meeting takes place at The Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH at 7pm on Wednesday 4 March. All Welcome. Free, fun and friendly photography club.


Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! New to photography? Come along, you are very welcome – talk to us about your new camera, kit and accessories, and how to use them.

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