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WE asked you last month what we might do to help re-invigorate your interest in photography and the club following the easing of lockdown. The response from members came mainly from the handful of those active on Zoom. This article suggests what we might do as a club in the short-term whilst following the guidelines necessary during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photowalks and visits to places for photography can still take place as long as individuals commit to following the Government guidelines on keeping safe.

From Saturday, July 4th, then when you are outside you can continue to meet in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines. Gatherings of more than 30 people are not allowed. Whilst outdoors you should limit your interactions with people outside of your household (or your support bubble if applicable) as much as possible.

In light of the above guidelines then we cannot organise meetings inside our club venue the Haven Arms. However, we can suggest that members take up similar projects and challenges whilst abiding by the guidelines.

Therefore, we are going to suggest places where members might like to visit for photography purposes, and at staggered times, and whilst members may see each other for the first time for months, they must still stay apart but can engage in the photography of land and seascapes, public art, architecture, street photography, etc.

Photo Walks:

One of our first such events has been arranged for next Tuesday 7th July from 8pm at Paull. The first of us will meet outside the Humber Tavern from 8pm and then disperse around the village and estuary, we can then have a second group if necessary gather at 8.15pm. Whilst around the village and estuary, members from different households must stay apart. During our time at Paull, members can keep in touch via mobile phones, so while hands-on advice and help with settings, exposure, etc will not be possible, some coaching can be possible over the phone. Following the event members can share the best of their work from the visit via the website and social media.

Other places where members might like to visit for photo walks that we have agreed to arrange, are;

  • Walk along Hedon Road/King George Dock/Siemens/Victoria Dock which can be broken down into manageable slices for both walkers/car-drivers.
  • Maritime Trail on the outskirts of Hull City Centre.

We will arrange dates and staggered times for each of the above.


We intend to organise a series of online talks/workshops for members. The following subjects are being considered – but we need your ideas too:

  • Sports photography
  • Macro photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Architecture and buildings
  • Wedding photography
  • Portraits/people photography

For the talks, we need your guidance as to the best format to hold them. Are you more likely to listen to speakers and ask questions afterwards via Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube Live? There will be costs involved in organising these events so we need to ensure that members are willing to use the appropriate technologies.  

In addition, we will be looking at socially distanced outdoor photography opportunities which will need to be booked but giving interested members the chance to shoot portraits, modern and vintage motor vehicles and a night time shoot (with a generator, lights and other essential props). 

Moving forward out of strict lockdown has been particularly difficult, but we hope the above provides some interest and incentive for members.

We are after your comments and ideas and invite you to give them below:


‘Red, White & Blue’ – What can you do? Your photo task today!

Task 47 – Red, White & Blue!

Red, White & Blue – what can you do? It’s VE Day, the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe, tomorrow. So what can you do in a photo with the UK’s patriotic colours?

Let the colours Red, White & Blue be your theme or inspiration for today’s photos!

Share online on social media with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome


Next HAPPY HOUR SAT 9 MAY 9pm. Fun and revelry with Hedon Viewfinders! Murder, Mystery Night!
Meeting ID: 836 189 559

Next CLUB MEETING Wed 13 May 7pm via Zoom.
We’ll be looking at your best three photographs on the theme of ‘Multicolour’. During the meeting, we’ll watch a video about, and set a challenge, on Portrait photography.
Meeting ID: 927-443-060

Check out our Lockdown Photography Gallery – Part 1


Photo Task 46 – Spring splendour!

Today for Task 46, simply enjoy the good weather (locally) and capture the seasonal splendour of Spring!

Task 46 – Simply Spring!

Today simply enjoy the good weather (locally) and capture the seasonal splendour of Spring!

And look out for the Spring Flower Moon this evening and tomorrow morning!

Share your photos on social media with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome


You can join us on Zoom from 6:30pm onwards to get your sound and vision sorted and join the pre-meeting chat.

We’ll be looking at some of the marvellous photographs people have posted on our Facebook page over the last few weeks of lockdown. The Editor’s selection. Not on Facebook? Please send us your photos by email.

Click the link between 6:30pm and 7:00pm:
Meeting ID: 927-443-060

Catch up with: Daily Tasks for Photographers!

Fun, free, friendly photography club for the whole community. Everyone is welcome at Hedon Viewfinders whether online or in the ‘real’ world!


It’s HAPPY HOUR again! Quiz Night.

Next HAPPY HOUR on ZOOM is ** TONIGHT ** SAT 2 MAY 9:00pm. Fun and revelry with Hedon Viewfinders!
Meeting ID: 836 189 559
We have a special Quiz to play designed by Nigel and Wendy Robson.
To be prepared you can print of the Quiz Grid here!
Click to download a printable PDF file.

Live Facebook Photography Challenge Night – Wed 29 April 7pm

Our next Club Meeting on Wed 29 April will run live on our Facebook Group Page from 7pm.

Our next Club Meeting on Wed 29 April will run live on our Facebook Group Page from 7pm.

This will be LIVE CHALLENGE NIGHT. We’ll give members a project to complete within 20 minutes. The 20 minutes is time to plan, take your photos, and upload the best to the page.

This is a test of speed, creativity and how you tackle the project technically. Anyone who is a member of this group can take part. There’ll be at least two rounds, probably three.

We’ll offer some PRINTS of your BEST PHOTOS as PRIZES (more details to follow).

Whilst the meeting will be Facebook-based from 7pm, members who wish, can still join us on Zoom for the meeting and pre-meeting chat from 6:30pm.

Meeting ID: 927 443 060 Password: 218286

Fun, free, friendly photography club for the whole community.

A Worm’s Eye View – Task 26 – Daily Photos

Whether something tall or something small, a different perspective helps to make a different photograph. Try a Worm’s Eye View. Share your photographs online. #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome

Task 26 – A Worm’s Eye View.

Whether something tall or something small, a different perspective helps to make a different photograph. Try a Worm’s Eye View.

Share your photographs online.

Use the hashtags: #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome

Daily Tasks for Photographers – Keeping Britain Entertained During the Crisis


We hold ONLINE Club Meetings using Zoom every Wednesday at 7pm and HAPPY HOUR every Saturday at 9pm.

** Club Challenge for next meeting on 22 April: OIL & WATER photos. Show us five of your best shots! **

CLUB MEETINGS WEDNESDAYS 6:30pm for the meeting to start at 7pm. Meet us at:
Meeting ID: 927 443 060 Password: 218286.

CLUB HAPPY HOUR SATURDAYS 9:00pm. Fun and revelry with Hedon Viewfinders!
Meeting ID: 836 189 559 Password: 052265

ALL WELCOME. Hedon’s free, fun & friendly photography club.

Daily photos – The Light & The Dark – Online Meeting Wed 1 April

DAILY TASK 9 The Light & Dark. Interpret as you wish. Maybe one or two photos. Objects around you? Or something that reflects your moods perhaps. Be creative. Share your photos online.

Share across social media with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome


NEXT ONLINE MEETING – Wednesday 1 April 2020 on Zoom 6:30pm and Facebook at 7pm. Note: The Zoom meeting will be recorded.

Photographers and friends – Join us in our public meeting online. From 6.30pm onwards you can join us on Zoom at the following link: (opens in a new window tab).

From 6:30pm you’ll have a chance to join the meeting and test your sound/visual settings and chat and meet up with your friends from the club. The meeting will be called to order at 7pm and we’ll consider the following Agenda:

      1. Quick update on the coronavirus outbreak as necessary (and if necessary).
      2. Our 2020 Exhibition/Competition – Saturday 1 August – Preston (pandemic and Government restrictions permitting).
      3. Our DAILY PHOTO tasks – Entertaining the Nation. Your ideas needed! For the previous tasks, permission to use your photos on the website.
      4. Club Photography Projects during the crisis. Your ideas needed!
      5. Any Other Business? – Send through to

If there are any questions about your camera, settings, features, kit, etc that you wish to ask, email those as well, at the end of the meeting we’ll go back into general chat and try to pair people up with those who can help.

Ambitiously, during the meeting, we’ll also be attempting to keep the Facebook Group page alive and updated with meeting news and views too, so we can feed those back and forth.

As a public community of photographers, we’re keen to look out for each other and help where we can. Do email us with any concerns or worries during these scary times. 

#keepsafe #stayhome



We invite you to join us for our next Happy Hour! event on Zoom on Saturday 4 April at 9pm – and here is the invitation link:

Whilst at the Club Meetings we aim to continue having fun with the hobby and pastime that we love so much, Happy Hour, however, will be a much more relaxed affair!

It’s Happy Hour! Sat 28 March 2020 at 9pm.

After our first trial using Zoom, we’ve agreed to have weekly Club Meetings online every Wednesday night at 7pm. And ‘Happy Hour’ every Saturday at 9pm.

At the Club Meetings, we’ll aim to continue having fun with the hobby and pastime that we love so much, whilst Happy Hour will be a much more relaxed affair!

We invite you to join us for our first Happy Hour event (actually just over half-an-hour) on Saturday at 9pm – and here is the invitation link:

If you have downloaded the Zoom software already, then the Meeting ID: 836-189-559 is what will be useful.

Upon joining the meeting just before 9pm you will find yourself in the ‘Waiting Room’ and I’ll invite you to join the meeting from there. In the waiting room, you will have the opportunity to test your computer/device audio and video settings for use in the Happy Hour. If you click the link now, nothing much will happen, although you can download the meeting software. Any difficulties with the technology then do get in touch and we’ll try to help.

The event will be a light-hearted occasion. We want to firstly check everyone’s okay at this unsettling time, and offer comfort and advice if need be.

During the event everybody will be offered a moment in the spotlight should they wish, a spot to do something, say something, share something, etc. This will be for a minute or two-minute spot depending on how many join in. So you might tell a joke, tell us how you’re passing the time, play the ukulele, or share a photo or something on your computer. We’ll let you know how to use the software as we go along.

Our meetings are normally open to the public, and this will be no different – however, if you’re a new member, we just need to know that you are coming along – we won’t let strangers join the meeting.

Do check out Zoom, it might be useful to you for other things too:

Sign up to get news from the club. CONTACT US for more information. Free, fun and friendly photographic club. Open to all. No waiting list. No membership required.

Viewfinders – Through the Lens (Members)

Finally, in line with Government advice #StayHome #ProtectTheNHS and #SaveLives.

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