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Hedon Viewfinders Networking Meeting

A chance to network with other members share information, experience and knowledge

For Wednesdays Meeting (9 March 2022) it’s a Settings, Kit, Features and networking meeting – which is another way of saying almost anything goes! This is a chance to network with other members to ask questions about, and demonstrate, camera settings, equipment, features and use of any specialist kit.

I’ll bring in the Club Library to browse (and photo magazines to take away), and there’ll be a chance to bring in bits of kit, etc, that you might be interested in swapping/selling, giving away, etc.

I’ve got a little photography project with eggs to do (suggested by Jim), and, for anyone interested, there’s a chance to do some flash photography postponed from last week.

Wednesday 9 March 2022, Haven Arms, Havenside HU12 8HH at 7pm. All Welcome. Just turn up!

Photography Challenge 2022

We asked you to send in your images associated with the Photography Challenges 2022. And we would publish them on these pages. E-mail them to or Mandy B. responded and sent these in response to the Texture Challenge Week 8. Thank you, Mandy!


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

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ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms

Send us your best club image – HIP Festival Networking


HIPFest Photography Group Networking.

UPDATE: The Networking Event will now be on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October, 10am – 5pm. Also an evening session on the Friday 5 October (the opening of HIP Fest) from 6pm – 8pm. Our presence at the event will focus around a stall that we need to staff. So if you can volunteer some time during the long weekend, your help would be appreciated and we can arrange shifts.

On Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th October we have been invited to take part in a networking event with other photography groups (both actual groups that meet regularly and online groups) as part of the Hull International Photography Festival (HIPFest 2018). An inter-club networking event is being organised that will include a slideshow being put together and we’ve been asked to submit up to 30 images.

These images do not have to fit a theme, but it has been suggested that it would be nice to keep a general theme of photos taken in Hull and surrounding areas. Additionally, I would suggest our photos might reflect the club’s activities i.e. taken at our meetings, on trips. part of our A-D or weekly competitions, etc. So we need to gather together at least 20 but not more than 30 images that will be displayed on a 6×4 foot (landscape orientation) projection screen at points throughout the weekend.

CAN WE START by people sending me BY EMAIL please their favourite/best photograph (needs to be high resolution) with your name as part of the filename please.

For this weekend event we won’t need HIPfest passes, but I’d encourage people to buy them anyway (£5) to be able to take advantage of most of the HIPFest exhibitions and workshops (starts Friday October 5th).

I’D NEED YOUR PHOTOS THIS WEEK PLEASE, or by Wed 26 September at the very latest.

More at our meeting on Wed 19 September, 7pm at Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon.

Ray Duffill

Send to or

Viewfinders Network Meeting – Wed 22 August 2018

WED 22 AUG is the date of the Hedon Viewfinders Network Meeting. Starting at 7pm, Haven Arms, it is an opportunity for photographers to come together to make links with each other, discuss cameras and settings, and talk about anything to do with photography and promoting photography. Also to find out a bit more about Hedon Viewfinders. Free, fun & friendly photography club.

WED 22 AUG is the date of our Hedon Viewfinders Network Meeting. Starting at 7pm at the Haven Arms this is an opportunity for photographers to come together to make links with each other, discuss cameras and settings, and talk about anything to do with photography and promoting photography.

Small selection of the library of books we have had donated for club use

Hundreds of the club’s photography magazines will be made available for people to browse and take away (bring them back at a future meeting) for a small donation. We’ll also have our large collection of photography books available to browse too. The books, like the magazines, have all been donated to the club over the last two years.

Buying, selling & swapping. Such a Network event also provides an opportunity for people to bring along any surplus camera kit with a view to arranging your own private sales or swapping with others in attendance.

It is also a chance to talk with other photographers about subjects and issues of common interest; an opportunity to get the support of others for an idea for an event, trip, or project perhaps?

A group of club members met last Tuesday to discuss fundraising ideas, particularly those which also promote photography, so we will outline some of those ideas at the event (includes, amongst others, the idea of a major calendar competition, a photography fete, and a fundraising stall). We’ll outline our plans to purchase our own exhibition boards.

Being part of the local community, the club has also been invited to get involved with several local charity initiatives which involve opportunities to practice different areas of photography. We will be seeking volunteers!

In a relaxed, informal setting – we expect this Network Meeting to be a very productive event.

All Welcome. Attendance is not restricted in anyway. Free, fun and friendly!

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