Message to our friends from Hedon Viewfinders

AT THE last online Zoom Club Night, we gave a shout out to our friends we haven’t seen for a while. Hedon Viewfinders is not just a photography club, but a community of photographers. We’ve had over 200 different people attending our meetings over the last 4 years (more than that if you count the Paul Beriff meeting) and many of you have subscribed to these website updates.

At Viewfinders, we like to pride ourselves on being a friendly place for photographers to gather and make acquaintances. Friendships have been created that in many cases will last a lifetime. That includes keeping in touch with old friends. 

We just want all our photographic extended family to know, that we are here for your photography and social engagement should you need us.

Remember, we are still meeting for photography meetings and also for social events via the wonders of modern technology. Our Quiz Team came in an amazing 10th place last night… okay, that’s not amazing, and there’s scope to improve… perhaps with your help!?

Kind Regards – and please do keep in touch during these difficult times.

Hedon Viewfinders – April 2020

This photo from July 2017.