The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition 2020

HEDON VIEWFINDERS is pleased to present The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition 2020 – its first online exhibition. It is hosted on the Hedon Blog (HU12 Online) as well as our own website. Please do have a look!

HEDON VIEWFINDERS is pleased to present The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition 2020 – its first online exhibition.  It’s an open theme i.e. any genre, style or type of photography was accepted. The Exhibition is hosted on the Hedon Blog (HU12 Online) at:

it is also available on our own website page here.

This is our third exhibition which we should have held in the ‘real world’ but like other organisations, we have been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please do share information about the exhibition and help us get a ‘larger than ever’ online audience for our photographers’ images!


Note: The current lockdown and virus threat prohibits us from holding meetings. But in the New Year, we hope to be able to continue with our BOOKABLE WORKSHOPS at the Haven Arms on Wednesdays. We may have to continue to limit to less than six people per workshop and participants will most likely still need to WEAR A FACE COVERING when not sat down. However, the workshop format does allow us to concentrate on individual participants interests much more and also enjoy more quality time to experiment with our photography! Also, we are not restricted to Wednesdays only!

#NOTE: Social-distancing and contact & trace measures apply to all events.

Hedon-based, free, fun and friendly photography club.

Find our Haven Arms meeting place with what3words:
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Exhibition Reminder – New Weekly Photography Challenges

THE DEADLINE for submissions to our ONLINE EXHIBITION is this Saturday, 7 November – please do not leave it until the last minute!

The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition is a marvellous opportunity for photographers to showcase their work, and particularly during the current ‘lockdown’ proposals will provide a real focus of attention for the club. Your support and images are needed! Full details here.

Weekly Challenges. With the success of our Daily Tasks during the last lockdown to guide us, Hedon Viewfinders will aim to provide a series of challenges for members to tackle during the current restrictions that prevent us from meeting.

Challenge 1.

At 7pm on Wed 4 November, following an introductory post on our Facebook Group Page at 7pm, then members are invited to post one new photo (not an old one) inspired by – and to match – one of the following themes:

    1. Toy Town
    2. Little & Large
    3. Balloon

You can enter one photo to each theme, but you might just want to concentrate on one theme! Post after the 7pm introductory post on Wednesday. You have got between now and then to plan and shoot your photo(s).

For those of you not on Facebook, then please submit your entries by email to at least an hour before the 7pm deadline on Wednesday 4 November and we will post your entries for you!

Want some ideas and inspiration for your own photography during the new lockdown period? Visit one (or both!) of the following:

52 Week Photography Challenge

52 Weekly Photography Ideas

Contact us!

Hedon-based fun, free, friendly photography club for the whole community. Everyone is welcome at Hedon Viewfinders whether online or in the ‘real’ world!

Photo: I have the Power by Ray Duffill/Lynn Leedham

Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition 2020 – Call for Members’ Images

Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition 2020 – the CALL for Members’ Images is now OPEN and LIVE

We are going ONLINE for our 2020 Exhibition held Saturday 14 November 2020 until Monday, 4 January 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible impact on the world and affected our way of life. Carrying out the art and craft of photography from an individual point of view, and from a Club point of view, has necessarily changed and we all have had to adapt to the new circumstances.

Hedon Viewfinders has managed to maintain its existence and identity as a Club during this unsettling period. Rather than seeing the restrictions on how many people can meet ‘the rule of 6’ as a negative, we are currently embracing the ‘power of six’ to develop our workshop approach and creativity. And before that during the six-month lockdown, members resorted to Zoom video technology in order to continue to meet both for Club events and socially.

We are now going to use what we’ve learned during the pandemic to stage our most ambitious event yet: Exhibition 2020.

Using the Club website, the Hedon Blog website, and links with local media, we will be hosting an Online Open Exhibition of members work which will reach a larger audience than we ever could with just a traditional exhibition.

All those associated with the Club and in receipt of this email are invited to submit two images to the exhibition. We hope to be able to use your Number 1 image in the Exhibition and your Number 2 image may be selected for inclusion too.

  • The theme of Exhibition 2020 is ‘Open’ which means that you can submit images of any genre.
  • Images should be taken this year or in the last 12 months.

We will categorise images in the Online Gallery and whilst not a competition, we will award some images with recommendations and award small prizes, and bring them (and their photographers) to the attention of local media.

We will offer images for public sale under the following terms:

    • A4 prints £20 (the photographer will get £16 from any sale).
    • Folio of five 6×4 prints selected by the customer £20 (the photographer will get £3 if their image is one of the five.
    • If the photographer wishes to purchase their own A4 print, it will cost £4. A folio of five will cost the photographer the same as a member of the public (minus £3 i.e. £17) so we can maintain income for other photographers. Photographers will be paid by bank transfer or cheque.
    • Customers will receive your images on professional photographic paper.
    • Hedon Museum (my chosen good cause) will benefit from every print sale and folio sale to the amount of £3.

More detailed information will be published. But for now, we can declare that the CALL for Members’ Images is now OPEN and LIVE.

Your Two Images should be submitted by email in the following format:

Email Subject: Exhibition 2020

Number 1 Image – Title (as it will appear in the Gallery)
Number 2 Image – Title (as it will appear in the Gallery)
Your Name

Please use the following convention to name your JPEG files no1_title_your_name
JPEG files should be of the highest resolution possible.

# Closing date for sending your images Saturday 7 November #

Your image files can be sent direct to or sent using WeTransfer to the same e-mail address if you prefer.

Photo: Teenager Daisy Blythe’s exhibition at the HIP Gallery in January this year.

Daily photos – The Light & The Dark – Online Meeting Wed 1 April

DAILY TASK 9 The Light & Dark. Interpret as you wish. Maybe one or two photos. Objects around you? Or something that reflects your moods perhaps. Be creative. Share your photos online.

Share across social media with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome


NEXT ONLINE MEETING – Wednesday 1 April 2020 on Zoom 6:30pm and Facebook at 7pm. Note: The Zoom meeting will be recorded.

Photographers and friends – Join us in our public meeting online. From 6.30pm onwards you can join us on Zoom at the following link: (opens in a new window tab).

From 6:30pm you’ll have a chance to join the meeting and test your sound/visual settings and chat and meet up with your friends from the club. The meeting will be called to order at 7pm and we’ll consider the following Agenda:

      1. Quick update on the coronavirus outbreak as necessary (and if necessary).
      2. Our 2020 Exhibition/Competition – Saturday 1 August – Preston (pandemic and Government restrictions permitting).
      3. Our DAILY PHOTO tasks – Entertaining the Nation. Your ideas needed! For the previous tasks, permission to use your photos on the website.
      4. Club Photography Projects during the crisis. Your ideas needed!
      5. Any Other Business? – Send through to

If there are any questions about your camera, settings, features, kit, etc that you wish to ask, email those as well, at the end of the meeting we’ll go back into general chat and try to pair people up with those who can help.

Ambitiously, during the meeting, we’ll also be attempting to keep the Facebook Group page alive and updated with meeting news and views too, so we can feed those back and forth.

As a public community of photographers, we’re keen to look out for each other and help where we can. Do email us with any concerns or worries during these scary times. 

#keepsafe #stayhome



We invite you to join us for our next Happy Hour! event on Zoom on Saturday 4 April at 9pm – and here is the invitation link:

Whilst at the Club Meetings we aim to continue having fun with the hobby and pastime that we love so much, Happy Hour, however, will be a much more relaxed affair!

Club News, Paul Berriff Meeting, Exhibition and Programme for 2019

We’ve been very busy: We’ve got an Exhibition at Hedon Museum and a great Programme of meetings, events and activities lined up – find out more…

PAUL BERRIFF, OBE, spoke at a Hedon Viewfinders sell-out meeting in the town on Wednesday, April 17. The award-winning documentary film-maker kept the capacity crowd of 100 people gathered in the Haven Arms, enthralled with tales of his experiences as a photographer and TV cameraman. His adventures from photographing pop legends in the 1960s to filming the collapse of the Twin Towers in 9/11 kept the audience spellbound for almost 3-hours.

Ray Duffill from Hedon Viewfinders photographic club who had arranged the meeting was delighted with the audio-visual presentation from Mr Berriff and the response from the audience: “The Haven Arms venue was packed with standing room only at the back for late-comers. Paul Berriff is probably one of the most engaging speakers I’ve heard. He took the audience with him on his life-journey from a 12-year-old boy picking up a roloflex camera for the first time, to reliving the horrors of 9/11. People leaving the meeting were just ‘buzzing’ about what they’d heard.

“Thank you to all those that attended. The feedback has been tremendous – some of which we’ve shared with Paul.”

Also at the meeting, was Lesley Harland, the Exhibitions Manager at Hedon Museum. She was proud of the fact that after booking Paul Berriff to display some of his iconic ‘Pop Idols’ photos at the Museum, he’d further agreed to do the public meeting: “We’re now hoping that the interest in Paul’s life and adventures will translate into visitors at the Museum where we are showing some of his giant photographs of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Scott Walker and others.”

And of course Hedon Viewfinders members (17 of us) also have an Exhibition and displaying a small collection of photographs responding to the theme of ‘Hedon’.

So get yourself along to the Hedon Museum, it’s open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am – 4pm until Saturday 15 June when the Exhibition closes at 4pm.

Hedon Viewfinders Programme for 2019

We are delighted to present our Programme of meetings for the rest of 2019. Arranged by our Programme Manager Glenn Stallard after discussion with members, the events listed here with practical sessions, field trips, and great speakers, should have something of interest for every one.

Hedon Viewfinders photographic club – free, fun and friendly.


Club PHOTO BOOK for the Exhibition

We hope to CREATE a high quality CLUB PHOTO BOOK for display at the Exhibition (Wed 24 April to Sat 15 June 2019)…

We hope to CREATE a high quality CLUB PHOTO BOOK for display at the Exhibition (Wed 24 April to Sat 15 June 2019).

Those that would like their images to be included in the photo book need to email through a high-resolution image (open theme) which best shows their improved photography as a result of club activity, whether at a meeting, on a field trip or posting to our Facebook Group page.

Email one image to please. The size of the book will be very much dependent on the responses to this appeal.

The Exhibition featuring ‘typical’ club photographs from members on the theme of “Hedon” takes place downstairs at the Hedon Museum (accessed via a snicket on Watmough’s Arcade, Hedon) every Wednesday and Saturday from Wednesday 24th April until Saturday 15th June, 10am – 1pm each day.

Meanwhile, upstairs at the museum, an exhibition of iconic 1960’s photographs taken by Paul Berriff is on display.

Reminder about the Evening with Paul Berriff on Wednesday night 17 April.

Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition (Guidance) – 24 April to 15 June 2019

HEDON VIEWFINDERS holds its second exhibition at the Hedon Museum opening Wednesdays and Saturdays between Wednesday 24 April and Saturday 15 June 2019. Members are invited to submit prints of original and new material (but definitely not more than 12 months old) with content that is related to or linked to “Hedon” in some way. You can be as creative and imaginative as you like in interpreting the theme and can submit photos of any genre from Abstract to Wildlife.

HEDON VIEWFINDERS holds its second exhibition at the Hedon Museum opening Wednesdays and Saturdays between Wednesday 24 April and Saturday 15 June 2019.

Members are invited to submit up to three prints of original and new material (but definitely not more than 12 months old) with content that is related to, or linked to, “Hedon” in some way. You can be as creative and imaginative as you like in interpreting the theme and can submit photos of any genre from Abstract to Wildlife.

#UPDATE: Photos taken at the Club meetings since January 2018 are also acceptable as part of a sub-category ‘getting involved in the Club’ section.

Prints in the first instance should be up to A4 (210x297mm) in size (portrait or landscape) and the selection of prints for the exhibition (approximately 20) will be decided on Wednesday 3rd April which is the deadline for submission of entries. Prints will be mounted up to 400x300mm for the exhibition.

#UPDATE April 9 (a Tuesday) – Practical session to prepare the exhibition prints for display takes place at the Haven Arms 7pm. NEW deadline for submission of entries.

Your prints can be brought to the meeting on 3rd April or you can arrange to get them to us before the 3rd. We also invite you to share your digital images with others in the club, to help generate ideas and inspiration, via the Facebook group page album ‘Hedon Exhibition’ or email them to us and we’ll add to the website.

For those needing help with any aspect of printing your images, or submitting your image then please get in touch.

Light painting night at Hedon Viewfinders – Wed 23 Jan 2019

Light painting night:

After the success and enjoyment of our last light painting night, we are having another go at our next meeting on Wednesday 23 January 2019 at the Haven Arms (Havenside, Hedon, HU12 8HH) starting at 7pm. The main light painting exercises will take place outside, but we have alternative ideas should the weather be too bad.

Dramatic shots are available remarkably easily on cameras where you can control shutter speed, aperture and ISO, but mounting on a tripod is recommended. However, at our last session, members also got good shots on mobile phones too.

Glenn Stallard will be leading the session and his advice is to “Wrap up warm! And there’ll be advice for members on which camera settings to use.”

Exhibition 2019:

The Hedon Viewfinders exhibition 2019 takes place from Wednesday April 24 to Saturday June 15 at the Hedon Museum. The theme of the Exhibition is “Hedon” and we are asking members to submit original and new work that reveals the ancient town in a new light. Prints (approximately 20-30) to be displayed in the exhibition are likely to be framed and mounted up to 50x40cm but we will issue further advice on this. For those members from Hull and surrounding towns and villages, we will organise some Hedon photo walks, and otherwise issue guidance on getting your shots of the town; its characteristics, flora and fauna, features and people, etc.

We will be exhibiting downstairs at the Hedon Museum whilst upstairs will be an exhibition by Paul Berriff OBE of his iconic photos from the 1960’s. Paul is an award-winning photographer and documentary film maker – and I’m pleased to announce that Paul will be speaking at a Hedon Viewfinders special meeting on Wednesday 17 April on his extraordinary life experiences. This will be ticketed event and should not be missed!

Hedon Viewfinders will interest photographers of all levels; regardless of ability, whatever image making device kit or equipment you own. Novices particularly encouraged. Hedon’s free, fun and friendly photography group.

CONTACT US for more information.

Meetings, competitions and exhibition

Happy New Year! 2019 gets off to its formal start on Wednesday 9 January with our first meeting 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon, HU12 8HH. It will be a Props Night – a chance to experiment. This will be a great night for all those ‘wannabe photographers’ that got new cameras at Christmas to come along as well! All Welcome.

Bring in your interesting objects (ornaments, toys, instruments, flowers, etc) and interesting kit and help create some photographic opportunities to share! If you need to get in early to set your prop up and claim table space, we’ll be open from 6:30pm.

We are currently arranging further events nights, field trips and speakers – so please do pass on any ideas or suggestions you have got.

Competition: Our Facebook group has a weekly competition based on a letter of the alphabet and the winner of each gets to have their photograph as the header of the page in the following week. Whilst this has been successful on Facebook with 1,563 images being posted over the letters A to R by 55 participants, we would also like to invite our members not on Facebook to get involved. This week’s letter is and the weekly competition runs from Wednesday to the following Wednesday (entries by 10pm each Tuesday). If you want to take part and are not on Facebook, then we can e-mail out the competition details to you and alert you to each competition, and you can send your entries by e-mail – just get in touch.

52 Weekly Photography Ideas for 2019: Whilst not a competition, our new ideas page will be updated every Monday with a new prompt to creative photography. You can join in on social media using the hashtag #viewfinders52week(WeekNumber) or send in your photographs in response to each idea to us via e-mail.

EXHIBITION 2019 takes place at the Hedon Museum from Wed April 24th to Sat June 15th. Look out for more details – but the theme is “Hedon” and you should be planning now to take your new photographs according to that theme. You should also note our meeting date on Wed 17 April 2019 – at 7pm we have a very special event taking place linked to the exhibition (you don’t want to miss it!).

Look forward to seeing many of you next Wednesday.

Ray Duffill

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