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Daily Tasks for Photographers – Keeping Britain Entertained During the Crisis

Hedon Viewfinders – DAILY TASKs


Don’t let the crisis prevent you from taking photographs! Other people like seeing our photos, and especially when shared on social media or other community networks, they can bring a bit of good cheer during the dark days. They also send an important message to family and friends too; it tells them loud and clearly that we are okay! So keep taking and sharing your photos on social media! Think of it as an important duty during this situation.

Join in with our DAILY TASKS – we hope to provide a daily bit of photographic inspiration and encourage the sharing of our photos on social media.

Share with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome

Daily Task


50 Multi-colour. Let’s see some vibrant colours! This might be a group of objects or a single object that is multi-coloured. 
49 Set up a scene using a mirror. Using a mirror, set up a scene. It might be pleasant and pretty, or dark and mysterious. Be as creative as you can.
48 A Day Off…! It’s Bank Holiday Friday 8 May 2020 the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. Perhaps one of the most unusual and unique ‘days off’ in history. Record it in photographs for posterity.  
47 Red, White & Blue! Red, White & Blue – what can you do? It’s VE Day, the 75th Anniversary tomorrow. So what can you do in a photo with the UK’s patriotic colours?
46 Simply Spring! Today simply enjoy the good weather (locally) and capture the seasonal splendour of Spring!
45 Photos with waste props Packaging, boxes, bubble-wrap, polystyrene, etc. We seem to be bogged down with it during lockdown! Can you make some creative photo ideas with your waste? 
44 Water Water – it moves, boils, steams, freezes… in your picture interpret ‘Water in Action’.
43 what3words – address your world Locate a nice photo opportunity in your exercise walk area – in Hedon try
Tell other photographers (and everyone else in the world) precisely where it is. A really useful app and mapping tool – fun to find the what3words address for your favourite places too!
42 Kids and Teens Photography Competition (7-16 years old).

Supported by the Sharp Shots® Photo Club, The Royal Photographic Society and the Nikon School.

Simple for adults today and that is to SHARE information about this competition. Let’s get the next generation of photographers inspired!

“Kids & teens will be encouraged to photograph their daily life through fun weekly challenges, which will inspire them to create dynamic images and learn new skills. Closes June 26th 2020.”

41 Yellow! Yellow – the colour of positivity and optimism! Take, make, create photos with a yellow theme!
40 Soldiers & Veterans.

In honour of Captain Tom Moore who is 100 years old today – we want your photos (perhaps old photos) of soldiers, veterans and tributes to them!
39 Create a rainbow…

Jenny Young
… from a CD/DVD. Simply hold up a CD/DVD into any light (window, torch, lamp, etc). Capture a photo of the rainbow effect.
38 Raise a Smile!

Paul Benson
Humour is a hallmark of the British character in dealing with grim situations. So go ahead, raise a smile or even a belly-laugh with today’s photo! #keepsmiling
37 Queen and Elton John

Jenny Young
A photo inspired by a song. Can friends guess what your song is by the photo you share online? Use the normal hashtags plus #Queen or #EltonJohn
36 Your daily cuppa!

Linda Hinchcliffe
The daily intake of your favourite brew has probably gone up. So have you raided the Christmas presents? Are you trying something new? Show us your daily cuppa in all its glory… or mundaneness! What’s keeping you going during lockdown?
35b Cute dogs!

Dave Hook
It should have been the Hedon Scrufts DOG SHOW taking place today – another event cancelled. But as an additional photo challenge today – let’s see some cute photos of Man’s and Woman’s Best Friends!
35 Photo Sharing.

This task is about what you might do with your photos once you’ve taken them.

Join a photo-sharing service. Online sharing is still by far the most popular thing to do with your photos.  Here are some online services primarily for photographs that you might like to find out more about. And you may know more sites, so please share those too.

Each is free and easy to join, but you can opt later to buy additional services.






Let us know if you sign up to any of these and share your new pages.

34 Lockdown loopiness!

Maggie Wingfield
Lockdown – is it driving you loopy? Show us in photos of how you have been affected. Definitely aimed at the #keepsmiling hashtag, but the choice is yours!
33 And the colour is… GREEN.

Janet Bucknall
Photos that contain mostly green, that you make green, are surprisingly green or are inspired by the colour green. Think creatively.
32 Repeating patterns – speed challenge!

Jenny Young
Repeating patterns are everywhere. Manufactured repeating patterns or naturally occurring, they can be beautiful and interesting. But this is a speed challenge – within 20 minutes of accepting the challenge, explore your home and garden and capture as many as you can. Stop after 20 minutes and upload your best photos to share. 
31 Your travelling #stayhome buddy!

Janet Bucknall
The idea of the travelling gnome being photographed at holiday locations across the world is nothing new – but who is your #stayhome buddy who will tour the house and garden with you? Chance to #keepsmiling here!
30 From your toolbox.

Nigel Robson
Make your household or hobby tools the star of your photos.
29 Hearts.

Maggie Wingfield
Whether each is a simple shape, a symbol representing love and passion, or a graphic of a strong quality of character – we are surrounded by hearts. Share and take comfort from your photos with your online friends and family.
28 The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Ray Duffill
A photo inspired by a song. Can friends guess what your song is by the photo you share online? Use the hashtags plus #Beatles or #RollingStones
27 In-camera filters and effects

Maggie Wingfield
Modern cameras (especially camera phones/tablets via Apps) come packed with features including digital filters that you switch on before you take a photo, and effects that you can add afterwards to the image on your camera.
26 Worm’s Eye View

Dave Hook
Whether something tall or something small, a different perspective helps to make a different photograph. Try a Worm’s Eye View.
25 Framed

Lynn Leedham
As photographers, we ‘frame’ photographs to focus attention on the subject. But sometimes looking for a frame within the picture is pleasing too. Take photos with frames within them. See here for examples.
24 Books.

Dena Edmonds
In an age where we reach for the remote, the phone or the tablet for information, there is still something very satisfying and reassuring about a physical book. Give us your photographic presentation of books. Share your photos.
23 Tom Jones and Neil Diamond. A photo inspired by a song. Can friends guess what your song is by the photo you share online?
22 Symbols of Hope!

Maggie Wingfield
It’s Easter Sunday, a time traditionally associated with new hope. Alongside pictures of crosses, beacons, the dawn, there are new symbols of hope being created right now: The rainbows, bears, the clapping hands – we want to see your photographs of these symbols of hope, optimism and the future. Share the hope online.
21 Cash!

Janet Bucknall
21 today – so you get cash to play with for today’s task! Whilst cash usage has halved during the crisis, it still makes a good photographic subject. Share your cash photos online. #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
20 An Egg.

Nigel Robson
It’s Good Friday. What can you do with the humble egg? A great one to involve the children, encourage them to decorate their eggs, then share the results online with the hashtags. Those experienced photographers out there – think outside of the (egg)box! #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
19 Reflections.

Linda Hinchcliffe
Catch a reflection, but try to take something different. Rather than a mirror or a window, try to find a more unusual reflection.
18 Shadows and Silhouettes.

Janet Bucknall
Shadows are cast by the subject with the light in front of them. Silhouettes (yes, I had to check the spelling too!) are created with the light behind the subject. Have a go at both – look for interesting shapes.
17 Journey to… the kitchen!

Pam Watson
Explore your kitchen and its drawers and cupboards. Can you make a star out of the spices, capture the glamour of the cheese grater, create a photographic feature from the fork…? Share your photos online. #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
16 Tablet/Mobile phone trick.

Paul Benson
This needs a phone/tablet for the effect – and a camera or another device to take the photo.

Put a nice picture on the floor. You take a photo of the picture using your phone/tablet – you need to make sure that you take the photo parallel to the picture and you can take a closer-up photo of part of the picture. You can tilt it. You can then zoom in on the first photo until the image you see is the same size as the picture when placed on it. With your second camera take the final pictures.

Fiddly but fun. Give it a go. Share your results online.

15 Face bits!

Ian Douglas
Photograph part of someone’s face, or your own if solitary. Not the whole face, just an eye or ear, a nose. Share online!
#viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
14 Creative Blur… or getting it wrong – but rightly so!

Photo: Ray Duffill
This will make photographers of you all! Go to somewhere in the house where it is very bright and colourful (wallpaper perhaps?) As you take a photograph, move your phone or camera in a horizontal or vertical movement. Try to get a nice creative blur of colour. PS: You’ll find that ‘getting it wrong’ nicely, is quite difficult and will take a few attempts. But keep at it, you’ll get there!
13 Close up puzzles

Glenn Stallard
Take a photo of something nearby, zoom in really close and get folks to guess what it is. Share your photo puzzles online. Don’t forget to give your audience the answer! The kids with their mobiles might enjoy this one too.
12 Ornaments and Toys

Nigel Robson
For adults a chance to make a star of that mantlepiece ornament. For children – encourage them to take some photos of their favourite toys or characters. Upload the photos and share online.
11 #frommywindow

Amy Fox
Share a photo NOW of the view from your window. Nothing really technical or creative about this one (unless you wish). Share your photos online with the place name – and let’s have a photographic snapshot of lock-down on the first of April.

Alright – it’s Wednesday, April 1st. So, this morning, for those of you who just can’t resist being the prankster, let’s have the fake view from your window!

10 What’s your scoff?

Maggie Wingfield
Food! Photos of your exciting #stayhome diet. Can you make your tomatoes look tremendous; your potatoes perfect; your bread beautiful and your tins ‘canny’? Share your photos online! #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
9 The Light & Dark.

Janet Bucknall
Interpret as you wish. Maybe one or two photos. Objects around you? Or something that reflects your moods perhaps. Be creative. Share your photos online. 
8 Hobbies and Pastimes.

Janice Edmonds
Staying home is the new going out! How are you keeping yourself occupied! Are you skype-ing, zooming, and Facebook Live-ing? Or more traditional board games, crafts, DIY? Take some photos of what floats your boat, share them online #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
7 Clocks and time!

Janet Bucknall
Clocks, watches, timepieces… we’ve got them aplenty at home. Take photos that show that object or the passing of time. And remember, the clocks spring forward 1 hour at 1am on Sunday 29 March.   Remember the hashtags when you share online: #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome and for today only #SpringForwardReminder
6 Selfies! And Selfies with a Difference!

Jenny Boorman
Show us yourself and those in your household having fun! Those who are a bit shyer might want to do Selfies with a Difference – perhaps disguise yourself in some way…? Share online widely!  Remember the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome
5 Visitors to your Garden

Niel Bywood
Bees, butterflies and other insects. Birds. Frogs, toads and pondlife. Be like David Attenborough -Photograph wildlife in your garden and share your pictures online.

Not got a garden? Share the view from your windows especially photos including any wildlife outside.

4 Rainbows for Your Windows! One for the children. Draw a Rainbow and put it in your window. Spread positivity and joy. Adults, take a photo of your window display and Share online. Share in the Facebook group: #frommywindow Hull and East Yorkshire
3 Memories

Glenn Stallard
This is an opportunity to be reflective and spend some time looking at old family and other photos. Share the nostalgia and love – take a snap with your phone of an old photo and share online.
2 In the Garden

Peter Loft
Continue to spread a little bit of colour and sharing pictures of life in your garden #MissedSpring. Don’t have a garden? What about houseplants or flowers?
1 Daffodils Spreading a little bit of colour and sharing pictures of DAFFODILS in your garden, the harbingers of Spring – perhaps the #MissedSpring (Facebook hashtag) for lots of people.
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