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52 Weekly Photography Ideas 2019

Hedon Viewfinders – 52 Week Photography IDEAS 2019.


Each week we’ll offer a simple idea as a prompt (a light bulb moment!) to creative photography. No rules – just interpret how you wish. It’s not a competition so dip in and out of each week as you wish. Have fun. Share your resulting photos and join in the constructive banter on social media – and try to inspire others.

Joining us later in the year? Do play #catchup and join us from an earlier week.

Email us your photographs (with name and week number) and we’ll add them to the comments below.

52 Week Photography Ideas

Week 52. Celebrate
Week 51. Make us laugh!
Week 50.Silence.
Week 49. What’s on the Menu?
Week 48. Pets.
Week 47. Today’s date.
Week 46. Are you dancing?
Week 45. Flash – use in a different way.
Week 44. Arrows.
Week 43. Sweet as Candy.
Week 42. Bokeh.
Week 41. Wheels.
Week 40. The Seaside.
Week 39. A Strong Message.
Week 38. Black and White Week.
Week 37. Regeneration and Decay.
Week 36. Inspired by a film, book or song.
Week 35. The Dark.
Week 34. Hold a Photo Walk.
Week 33. A Passing of Time.
Week 32. A close-up on the world.
Week 31. Icons/Iconic.
Week 30. Technology.
Week 29. Rule of Thirds. (Composition guide splitting your camera screen up into thirds horizontally and vertically. Placing subjects on the intersections makes for more interesting framing). See article on Digital Photography School.
Week 28. Water World.
Week 27. Could you do a 365 day project? This week take a photo every day to a theme of your choice.
Week 26. The Church.
Week 25. Keep fit.
Week 24. Intentional Camera Movement.
Week 23. Try something new on your camera (might be a feature, or a technique).
Week 22. The Sky.
Week 21. Green.
Week 20. Fantasia.
Week 19. Candid Camera.
Week 18. At the gig.
Week 17. A longer exposure.
Week 16. Panning.
Week 15. Dressed up.
Week 14. A new look.
Week 13. Velocity.
Week 12. Something fishy.
Week 11. A toy story.
Week 10. Reflections.
Week 9. Fire.
Week 8. Find a number.
Week 7. Heart.
Week 6. Blurred background… or sharp focus. A chance to experiment with the aperture!
Week 5. Crystal.
Week 4. In the Kitchen.
Week 3. Patterns… repeating.
Week 2. What’s the weather?
Week 1. Play the Game.

Enjoying these? Have a look at last year’s 52 Week Photography Challenge!


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