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shadows example photograph showing mannequin and his shadow

Shadows Play Week 11 challenge


THERE IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD to explore in the shadows with your camera. The shadowlands is the area where shadows fall and can play tricks with our minds! Shadows are the subject of our week eleven challenge in the Creative Photography 52 project.

Taking photographs of shadows will certainly boost your observation skills as you become more aware of how and where shadows fall in the natural world. Look out in particular for the long shadows cast by the low winter sun in the mornings and evenings. However, it is often creating your own shadows indoors that you can predict and manipulate them to interesting effect.

Long shadows by Dave Hook.

Check out the online gallery for Week 11 Shadows.

Week 10 Review: Stationery

Stationery and other supplies was the prompt for creative photos in week ten, and whilst it was natural to gravitate towards Sandra Woods promotion of our exhibition desk, it was actually Lynn Leedham’s stationery still life, with bubbles and frame that attained the ‘favourite’ status this week.

The challenges, set by Hedon Viewfinders photography club, run for a week Thursday to Thursday. You send your best photo each week to or and put Creative Photography 52 and the week number in the subject header. Remember to include your name. 

Share all your ideas for the theme on social media with the hashtag #viewfinders52.

Do have a go and encourage your friends too – the favourite image from the Creative Photography 52 will get the photographer a £50 prize in the New Year.


Come to the Exhibition! Every Saturday and Wednesday 10am – 4pm until the end of April 2023.

See: Digitally Different.



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