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Stationery and supplies example image

Get moving on taking your Week Ten shots!

IT’S WEEK TEN of Creative Photography 52 and photographers are challenged this week to come up with creative images on the theme of Stationery and Supplies.

This challenge is not short of potential subjects. Dave Hook of Burstwick shows in his prompting photo one possible source of such props in your scene. Sandra Wood has already found inspiration at Hedon Viewfinders’ Photography Exhibition!

The tip for this week’s challenge is to try and think out of the box – which can probably be taken quite literally for some of your subjects!

Hedon Viewfinders photography club bring the Creative Photography 52 challenge each week. Challenges run for a week, Thursday to Thursday. You send your best photo each week to or and put Creative Photography 52 week number in the subject header. Remember to include your name.

Share all your ideas for the theme to social media with the hashtag #viewfinders52. Do have a go and encourage your friends too – the favourite image from the Creative Photography 52 will get the photographer a £50 prize in the New Year.

WEEK 9 REVIEW: It was TELEVISION last week. A set of great photos were submitted, but the striking image of television aerials atop a chimney by Nigel Robson was the favourite this week.

Week eleven is Shadows launching on the 16 March. Week 12 is food.

See you at the Exhibition! See exhibition dates.


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