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TELEVISION Week 9 challenge #Viewfinders52

TELEVISION is your week nine challenge.

“If you believe that your thoughts originate inside your brain, do you also believe that television shows are made inside your television set?” This question posed by graphic novel writer Warren Ellis serves to remind us that our thoughts and imagination are derived from our lives and experiences, we just process these in our brain much like a television set operates to bring you your favourite programmes.

The TV is a thing that can be photographed, as a whole or in its parts; it is a light source that illuminates a room, it is a purveyor of entertainment, education, and a means to discover new ideas. Television, therefore, is also a fitting photography challenge for Creative Photography 22 week nine.

For a tip about this week’s challenge, we should refer to another Warren Ellis quote encouraging imaginative thinking: “It’s a strange world – let’s keep it that way!”  

Creative Photography 52 is brought to you each week by Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club to both challenge and inspire you to take more, and different, photographs. This week your prompting photos are provided by Dave Hook and Jo-Anne Powney.

Send your best photo to or and put Creative Photography 52 week 9 in the subject header. Remember to include your name.

Week 10 launches Thursday March 9 and is Stationery and supplies. Week 11 is Shadows.

Use the hashtag #Viewfinders52 to share your submission on social media. And do encourage others to have a go at this fun weekly challenge.


Week 8 Review.

FRUIT was week eight. A great collection of entries this week. The humour in some of the entries was delightful and the still lifes were very good. However, the water flowing over a cherry by Rick Naylor was the favourite.

See all the Week 8 Fruit entries.

Creative Photography 52 is brought to you by Hedon Viewfinders photography club.

Come and see our Exhibition.


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