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Christmas Lights

Share your Christmas Lights Photos

WEEK 51 of the 52-Week Photography Challenge

Whether in our homes, gardens, neighbourhoods, or public places, Christmas continues to be marked in light displays from the simple to the lavish. Christmas lights are still prevalent this festive season despite soaring energy costs and the cost of living crisis. One really useful role we can play as photographers is to record these light displays on our cameras and share them on social media so even more people can enjoy them!
Your challenge in Week 51 is to take and share images of Christmas lights!


Featured image from Hedon Viewfinders trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park illuminations.

Merry Christmas from Hedon Viewfinders!

Christmas Card by Jim Uney

See you in 2023!

Wed 4 January 2023First Meeting of 2023Haven Arms, 7pm.


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