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GO ABSTRACT! Photography Night with Hedon Viewfinders


OUR ‘GO ABSTRACT!’ NIGHT will encourage participants to look at the world slightly differently. It involves trying to create images that are unusual, unique or require a personal interpretation from the photographer or viewer in order to enjoy them.

Composition, colour, texture, shape, form, light and shadow are some of the considerations for creating a good photograph of something. However, in abstract photography, those considerations are more important than the actual subjects or objects. Abstract photography has often been described as conceptual or photography that expresses how you feel emotionally about something. Whilst the ‘rules’ of photography apply, abstract photography will quite often break those rules to create images that are different or unique.

There is no formally accepted definition of abstract photography. Rather it’s a personal way of ‘seeing’ photography. We can practice this and attempt to improve our creative eye – and that is what we will be doing on Wednesday.

A collection of reference materials on abstract photography is available here: Wakelet Abstract Photography.

The resulting images from abstract photography can make fantastic prints and wall artworks that are unique. Indeed, abstract photography will be one of the components of Hedon Viewfinder’s exhibition in the spring of 2023.

So prepare to GO ABSTRACT! Wednesday 19 October 2022 at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH at 7pm. ALL WELCOME.

Key DatesSubject, Theme, etc.Notes.
Wednesday 07 DecemberBeverley Christmas Lights and Church.Meet at Market Cross, Beverley at 4pm. We intend to visit the Festival of Christmas Trees (£5) at the Minster.
Thursday 8 DecemberTrip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park Illuminations.Those booked. Meet 5.45pm at the Entrance to the park for 6pm entry.
Sunday 11 December at 7pmTrip to Sewerby Winter Wonderland!Meet outside Park (little train station) before 7pm. Those who have booked.
Wed 14 DecemberHedon Viewfinders Christmas Party! Not to be missed!Theme: “Christmas, Posh or Panto!”
Fri 16 DecemberCottingham Christmas LightsMeet outside Duke of Cumberland, Cottingham Green at 7pm
Wed 4 January 2023First Meeting of 2023Haven Arms, 7pm.
Wednesday, March 8 to Saturday April 29 2023“Digitally Different – smoke and mirrors!” Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition
Hedon Museum Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am – 4pm. Volunteers are needed for each of the 12 sessions, please.


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

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ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms


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