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Buddha black & white

Black & White Week and Team Challenge Club Night

Club News – It’s Black & White Week 17 in the 52-Week Challenge 2022

WEEK 17 of 52-Week Photography Challenge

It is black & white week this week, and while in simple terms that might mean an image where all the colour has been removed, we want you to go further than this: Consider the contrasts between dark and light, look at how shadows fall, set out to create mood and atmosphere as you use the 256 shades of grey between true black and true white.
If you can turn your camera to black & white, then do so for this week. When you share and publish your images this week, tell us about the advantages of black & white photography.
Your challenge: Capture black & white images this week.

Remember to use the hashtags to make your photos easier to find on social media: #ViewfindersChallenge #ViewfindersChallengeWeek17

As ever, these challenges are to encourage new photography, so we ask you not to simply re-use your existing stock. And do please send in your images associated with these challenges. We will publish them on these pages. E-mail them to or

Malcolm Seville sent in this image in response to Week 16’s Frame Within a Frame Challenge. Thank you, Malcolm!

Frame Within a Frame by Malcolm Seville.

52 Week Photography Challenge 2022

Team Challenge at Club Night Wed 27 April 2022

A five-prop challenge takes place at Hedon Viewfinders meet up on Wednesday 27 April. We will split into teams and each will face the same five props to photograph. This is a creative challenge but a technical spanner will be thrown into the works as an additional random condition is added. As each team tackles each prop, they will be given one additional thing to consider as well!

The five table props will be a:

  • Buddha statue,
  • a stone bottle,
  • an artist’s wooden mannequin,
  • a polystyrene head,
  • and crystal ducks.

The different random conditions that each team will face when considering their composition will be one of the following:

  • make a silhouette,
  • make a shadow,
  • use a reflection,
  • use additional colour lighting,
  • or make black & white.

Knowing the props and the additional conditions you will have to meet will help you prepare for this fun, creative and technical challenge.

Team Challenge Night, Haven Arms, Havenside, 7pm on Wed 27 April 2022.


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

Subscribe to get the news from the club every time we update this website.

ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms


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