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Rule of Thirds



Good composition is the key to a good photo. Where you place the main subject and supporting elements in the photograph can be a critical choice. The Rule of Thirds is a simple guide to help you make those choices.
When you take a shot, think about what you see on screen or through the viewfinder and split that up mentally into Left, Middle and Bottom, and also Top, Middle and Bottom. In that grid of 9 squares, there are four key points where the lines cross and it is these areas that are the key points of interest. If you place your key subject in any of these four key points, then you are on your way to a better photo. A natural inclination for new photographers is to place the key subject in the centre of the frame – but do try and avoid that and as a simple reminder to use the Rule of Thirds, think to yourself “avoid the middle!”.
In landscape photography, experienced photographers will often split their scenes up into distinctive thirds.
The camera manufacturers consider the Rule of Thirds so important, that many cameras can opt to display a Rule of Thirds overlay screen to aid your composition.
Although not a real ‘rule’ – there are no rules in photography – think of the Rule of Thirds as something that can help make your images stronger and more pleasing. Those of you who crop your photos afterwards – then crop using the Rule of Thirds.
Your challenge for Week 14 – practice using the Rule of Thirds.

As ever, these challenges are to encourage new photography, so we ask you not to simply re-use your existing stock.

And do please send in your images associated with these challenges. We will publish them on these pages. E-mail them to or

EACH WEEK for 2022, we will introduce a new Challenge, Task or Idea to stimulate you into taking new photographs. It’s just for fun. We hope you join in each week. If you’ve had a go at one of the ideas before, then don’t miss it out; instead, try to approach the challenge in a new way.

Join in 0n our Facebook Group page with the chat and banter about these challenges; get tips and advice from other members. We also have a WhatsApp group – contact us for help in joining.

52 Week Photography Challenge 2022

We asked you to Guess Where the following were taken? No one got it right, so I’ll keep the big prize! 🙂

Guess Where competition

The answers:

Dan Kitchener mural.

The Symbol (seen clearly from The Empress).


Hedon Viewfinders is Hedon’s own community photography club. It’s free to join. It’s free to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.

Meets Wednesdays every week 7pm at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. But check our key dates to see if we’re there or out and about on any particular week.

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ALL WELCOME. Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club at the Haven Arms


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