“SPRING, FRESH, NEW TO YOU!” Week 12 challenge of 52 Week Photography

Your challenge for Week 12 of the 52 Week Photography Challenge: TRY SOMETHING THAT IS NEW TO YOU!

New to you!

Hedon Viewfinders – 52 Week Photography Challenge 2022.



It is the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere which signifies it is officially Spring! Whilst Spring is obviously associated with new vegetation, flowers and colour, with nesting birds and other delights from nature, it also symbolises change and new beginnings.

So your Week 12 Spring challenge is to try something new! It might be as simple as taking a different route to work, or different streets to the shops and taking some different photos en-route; it could be going somewhere completely new and different! Try something new with your camera, a different technique perhaps or use a feature on it you have not used before. Think out of the box – as you raise the camera or phone to your eye – think how can I do this differently?

If you’re normally a sunset photographer, try street photography and vice-versa. If you seek crystal sharp images, try a bit of abstract or creative blur! If you take photos of other people mostly, try selfies or static objects.

Because you will be trying something new, don’t worry about how good your images are – the purpose is to enjoy the challenge!

Your personal photo challenge this week is to find something new or try something new! Discover new ways to enjoy your photography!

Post your photos on social media and explain why they are new to you! Send them to us to publish here! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #viewfinderschallenge and #viewfinderschallengeweek12.

As ever, these challenges are to encourage new photography, so we ask you not to simply re-use your existing stock.

New to you!
“Street photography – not something I do much of, something new to me!” – Ray Duffill
New to you!
“Wildlife – certainly Spring-themed – but something I don’t do a lot of!” – Ray Duffill

And do please send in your images associated with these challenges. We will publish them on these pages. E-mail them to viewfinders-ttl@gmx.co.uk or rlduffill@gmail.com.

Our Week 11 TREES challenge resulted in these photographs from Jo-Anne Powney, one from Malcolm Seville and another from Albert Johnson (from his holiday).

Thank you Jo-Anne, Malcolm and Albert.

EACH WEEK for 2022, we will introduce a new Challenge, Task or Idea to stimulate you into taking new photographs. It’s just for fun. We hope you join in each week. If you’ve had a go at one of the ideas before, then don’t miss it out; instead, try to approach the challenge in a new way.

Join in 0n our Facebook Group page with the chat and banter about these challenges; get tips and advice from other members.

52 Week Photography Challenge 2022

Author: Ray Duffill

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