Guess Where? Hull City Centre competition

Guess Where competition


Find these two photos in their location in Hull City centre – and the first person drawn out from all the correct answers i.e. with the correct location photos of each, wins the honour of getting it right and will top the list of correct entries – and a BIG PRIZE.

We haven’t actually got a big prize sorted, but will certainly celebrate the winning photographer’s success at a future meeting!

Those active on our Facebook Group and the WhatsApp group can of course work with each other to seek out and photograph the locations – but your entries need to be emailed into by Sunday 3 April 2022.

Find the locations (in Hull City centre). Take a photo of each image in its location and email your two photos to us by Sunday 3 April – please mark the email Guess Where Competition.

All welcome to take part in the competition. Free, fun & friendly!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for the latest from Hedon Viewfinders!

Author: Ray Duffill

The Hedon Blog 'Beat-Blogger'. Bringing 'hyperlocal' news to local people; better informed, engaged and active local communities! Email:

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