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“TREES” Your Week 11 challenge of 52 Week Photography

Hedon Viewfinders – 52 Week Photography Challenge 2022.


Trees are the perfect subject for UK photographers at this time of year. There are those that still have winter skeletal shapes reaching upwards and outwards. Others have new growth and buds of leaves and flowers, while others already have a full set of colourful leaves or ferns.
Look at your trees in their environment – whether a lone tree or woodland, both offer photographic opportunities. Look up at tall trees for unusual viewpoints. Seek the close-up view of the details in leaves, blossom and bark.
Your challenge this week is to look at the trees around you in more detail and discover the photo opportunities. Spend some time enjoying your study of trees – the mindfulness and well-being derived from an hour amongst trees can be very beneficial.
A secondary project that this might inspire, is to follow a tree through the seasons – see how your tree or trees change with the environment.
Your challenge: Observe, appreciate, enjoy and photograph trees.


As ever, these challenges are to encourage new photography, so we ask you not to simply re-use your existing stock.

And do please send in your images associated with these challenges. We will publish them on these pages. E-mail them to or

Ann Jeffries responded to last week’s challenge Week 10 on “Close-up Photography”:

Thank you, Ann!

EACH WEEK for 2022, we will introduce a new Challenge, Task or Idea to stimulate you into taking new photographs. It’s just for fun. We hope you join in each week. If you’ve had a go at one of the ideas before, then don’t miss it out; instead, try to approach the challenge in a new way.

Join in 0n our Facebook Group page with the chat and banter about these challenges; get tips and advice from other members.

52 Week Photography Challenge 2022





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