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Long Shadows – 52 Week Photography Challenge 2022.

It’s the season of ‘Long Shadows’ in the UK – and this is an observational and creative challenge to inspire your next photo!

Long shadows

Hedon Viewfinders – 52 Week Photography Challenge 2022.


With the sun low in the sky (in the UK) then it’s the perfect time of year to observe the elongated shadows cast.

Your challenge is to photograph those unusual shadows. If taking your own shadow, then look for ways your cast shadow can interact with its environment.

No sun, or stuck indoors? No problem! Your torch or another light source can cast your long shadows!

This is one of those challenges that will improve your observational skills as well as inspire creativity.

EACH WEEK for 2022, we will introduce a new Challenge, Task or Idea to stimulate you into taking new photographs. It’s just for fun. We hope you join in each week. If you’ve had a go at one of the ideas before, then don’t miss it out; instead, try to approach the challenge in a new way.

Join in 0n our Facebook Group page with the chat and banter about these challenges; get tips and advice from other members.

52 Week Photography Challenge 2022

Author: Ray Duffill

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