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Photography Challenge 2021 – latest.

Latest update and League Table from the Photography Challenge 2021. Not taken part? Enter to take part in our free draw.

More scores from Locked Subject – A barking dog:

No. 62 A barking dog.

Two points awarded go to DAVE HOOK for the drama expressed by his obviously barking dog. A welcome to Michelle who joins the League Table and gets to take part in the £10 draw.

And the current League Table – includes the points from above.

Remember: We’ll only accept one photo from each person to each subject. After we’ve received 5 photos to a particular subject, then that subject will be closed for entries.

Not taken part yet? Enter a photo to take part in our free draw for £10.

In whatever way you send us your images for the challenge, use the hashtag so that we can find them easier:


Visit: Photography Challenge 2021

Hedon-based photographic club. It’s free to join in and take part, and the club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach.

Author: Ray Duffill

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