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Bridge Shadows & Road editing challenge – the results are in!

We asked you to re-edit our basic image taken on the Club’s last Photo Walk of ‘Bridge Shadows and Road’.

The results are in and they are all very interesting!

First up is Paul Benson with “SOW” who says he got distracted and zoomed in rather close to one of those windows…

How I did it:

  1. Cropped the image
  2. Applied the Nik Collection filter – Detail Extractor
  3. Applied the Nik Collection filter – Wet Plate 9
  4. Cut out the window and increased the contrast
  5. Reduced the saturation
  6. Sharpened the image

This is “The Album Cover” by Nigel Robson:

How I did it:

I used Elements 19
The picture was heavily cropped.
The shadows were enhanced (shadowing tool)
A special effects kit called Pop was used to quadruple the picture.
The spot healing tool was used to remove Ask Italian.
Dreamed up a pop group!
Using the Text facility I created text boxes with psychedelic touches.

This is Lynn Leedham’s “Who are we?”

How I did it:

Entry for the photo challenge. Who-are-we? Cropped, used textures and opacity tool, using Inpixio.

“Munch’s Ghosts” by Keith Madden.

How I did it:

  1. Convert to 16-bit ROMM
  2. Straighten
  3. Select human shadow area, mask and darken shadows.
  4. Put through GMIC artistic filter
  5. Crop
  6. Add edging using NIK

With a monochrome version is Ray Duffill.

How I did it. Simple B&W conversion using Silver Effex in Nik.

This is Janet Bucknall’s funky edit.

How I did it:

I cropped out the car, then did some stuff on Google and Snapseed, but I didn’t write it down, and now I’ve forgotten what I did! Sorry! Quite like the effect though!

So do we, Janet. How often do we ‘play around’ with an image and then forget what we’ve done!?

This is Dave Hook’s edit which concentrated on the Road side.

And this is Maggie Wingfield’s edit.

We hope you enjoy seeing how these editing challenges are undertaken. There really are no limits other than imagination to what we can do with a basic image.

Other Club News:

It was lovely to meet up again last Wednesday at the Haven Arms following the easing of lockdown restictions. Members had to stick to their own tables. No mixing of tables was allowed. Social distancing still had to be exercised. And masks worn when moving around the pub. Yet despite these restictions members hung around long after the business had finished to chat and catch up with each other.

We discussed the new Public Photography Competition to be held at the Preston Show and will bring you more information about this soon.

Smoke & Flame Night

We have arranged to meet next week WED 26 MAY 2021 at 7pm for a practical photography session on “Smoke & Flame”. Each table will have its own photography opportunities and challenges. And there will be one central feature that can be accessed in turn by each table. Expect candles, matches, sparklers, incense sticks and other surprises!

East Yorkshire Falconry Night

On Wed 2 June we have a trip arranged to East Yorkshire Falconry (kindly booked for us by Peter). This is an opportunity to photograph birds of prey. We are asking for a minimum donation of £2 from each of us attending. This goes towards feeding the birds. We can meet in larger groups of up to 30 outdoors so hopefully, this will be well-attended. If you let us know that you intend to come along, we’ll ensure that you are sent an email about the trip.

We were delighted to welcome Keith and Dorothy to their first meeting on Wednesday. We also met up briefly with Kris before the meeting to accept some lighting kit from him which he has kindly donated to the club. Kris is leaving the area but we hope to catch up with him before he leaves.

Finally, we are delighted to promote this Junior Photographer Competition for our friends at Withernsea’s Picture It group. Please do share and help promote the competition.


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