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New Photo Editing Challenge!

Hedon Viewfinders – New Editing Challenge – All photographers invited to have a go. 

We present this unprocessed JPG image for you below. We invite you to download it, edit it how you wish and with whatever editing programme you’ve got. You might want to straighten, crop or frame; saturate or desaturate the colours. Lighten or darken, add clarity or blur. Create an abstract, painterly or traditional image. The choice is up to you!

Send in your re-edited photo with your “How I did it!” information, and we will present all the results in a gallery next Monday 26 April evening.

We want this to be instructive for beginners, and a chance to experiment for the more experienced amongst you. Will you join in and have a go!?

Download your starting JPG image here. Click and then right-click to download the image

First Test Image to edit.

Send your completed edited image with your name and new image title, include your “How I Did it!” information and tell us what program you used to or by 10pm Sunday 25 April 2021.

Enjoy this? Then have a look at out Photography Challenge 2021 as well. 🙂

Hedon Viewfinders. The only photographic club based in Hedon. It’s free to join in and to take part in our activities. The club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach to studying and enjoying photography.






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