Photography Challenge 2021 – More scores and latest League Table.

Latest update and League Table from the Photography Challenge 2021. Not taken part? Enter to take part in our free draw.

More scores from Locked Subjects:

62. A barking dog

Two points for the most bemused expression at her messy hair, is JENNY YOUNG.

35. A view from above.

The winner of two points in a keenly contested subject is MAGGIE WINGFIELD for her overview of a gull colony.

51. An accident waiting to happen.

A truly scary accident waiting to happen, is that depicted in JANET BUCKNALL’S photo! She wins two pointss.

57. A neon sign.

Two points are awarded to MIKE REDHEAD for Money Talks.

67. A spider web.

Which website has won two points? It is MIKE REDHEAD and his web network!

70. Running water.

For his excellent composition and long exposure, MIKE REDHEAD wins two points.

76. A winding staircase.

The two points go to MIKE REDHEAD for his graphic monochrome.

86. Sunny side up.

Coming ‘sunny side up’ in this challenge today is PAUL BENSON. I like his simple composition matching what became an ‘eggy’ theme. With respect to Jim Uney for interpreting the theme in another less obvious way.

93. Stripes.

The best representation of stripes is the natural ones worn by the zebra! Wins another two points for MIKE REDHEAD.

And the current League Table – including the points from above:

Dave Hook108
Janet Bucknall 103+2= 105
Steve Denniss 70
Gareth Hughes 69
Mike Redhead 46+10= 56
Maggie Wingfield 50+2 = 52
Jenny Young 29+2= 31
Paul Benson21+2 = 23
Jim Uney 22
Glen Stallard 8
Richard Winchester 5
Mike Bartlett 3
David Pike 2
Malcolm Seville 1
League Table 5.30pm 25 March 21

Remember: We’ll only accept one photo from each person to each subject. After we’ve received 5 photos to a particular subject, then that subject will be closed for entries.

Not taken part yet? Enter a photo to take part in our free draw for £10.

In whatever way you send us your images for the challenge, use the hashtag so that we can find them easier:


Photography Challenge 2021

Hedon-based photographic club. It’s free to join in and take part, and the club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach.

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