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A bonanza of points – Photography Challenge update!

PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE 2021 update – a bonanza of points and the latest League Table.

Photography Challenge 2021 – we have a bonanza of ‘TWO POINTS’ to award in the following LOCKED categories.

7. A different point of view.

And the winner of two points is in a very keenly fought category, is… GARETH HUGHES.

44. A drawing of a photograph or a photograph of a drawing.

The winner of two points is GARETH HUGHES.

54. A vacant lot.

The two points are awarded to JIM UNEY for his historically significant vacant lot!

56. Thinking.

The winner should be Dave for using such a thoughtful model – but instead, going to go for the slightly different gargoyle gaze of JANET BUCKNALL.

68. Broken glass.

For his beautiful framed shattered glass, two points go to JIM UNEY.

71. Deserted street.

And the winner of two points is GARETH HUGHES.

The current League Table (as of 3 March, 3.15pm):

Dave Hook98£25
Janet Bucknall88+2= 902nd
Steve Denniss703rd
Gareth Hughes59+6= 654th
Mike Redhead405th
Maggie Wingfield29
Jenny Young24
Jim Uney18+4= 22
Paul Benson16
Glen Stallard6
Richard Winchester5
Mike Bartlett3
David Pike2
Malcolm Seville1
League Table 9.15am am Fri 26 Feb 21.

Remember: We’ll only accept one photo from each person to each subject. After we’ve received 5 photos to a particular subject, then that subject will be closed for entries.

RESERVED subjects are for those new to the game or with 5 points or less. We encourage you to send in your entries to email:

In whatever way you send us your images for the challenge, use the hashtag so that we can find them easier:


Photography Challenge 2021

Hedon-based photographic club. It’s free to join in and take part, and the club prides itself on its good reputation for its fun and friendly approach.

Author: Ray Duffill

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