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Merry Christmas! – And yes, looking forward to 2021

A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all subscribers from Hedon Viewfinders. This photo was taken by Jim Uney and submitted via a Christmas album on our Facebook group page. It depicts St. Augustine’s Church, Hedon during the ‘Big Freeze’ of 2010.

The year 2020 year started off so promising with club meetings on Panning, Light Painting and sparkly light bulbs. In February we had a Club Photography Holiday Trip to ‘Shakespeare Country’ with ten of us taking part. I remember thinking at the time that 10 was not actually very many of us – but what a luxury it was meeting with 10 photography friends considering that very soon due to the pandemic gatherings of that size would be banned. Yes, 2020 will be remembered as the Year of COVID-19 and the misery and restrictions that ensued.

Hedon Viewfinders cancelled its meetings due to the first lockdown in March and a small hardcore group of members opted to continue meeting via Zoom video conferencing. These online meetings were held twice a week with a Club Night on Wednesdays and a Happy Hour social evening on a Saturday. Happy Hours became longer, more complex and more fun as the weeks in isolation went by. We had themed quizzes e.g. Mexican and Irish nights, Music and Video presentations, a Murder, Mystery Night and our very own version of the Eurovision Song Contest. A special mention must be given to Nigel and Wendy Robson (aka Bonnier Logs and Bonny Dowser) for spending many hours preparing quizzes and online games for us to enjoy.

Also during the first lockdown, we held our Daily Tasks photographic challenges which helped keep members occupied during a particularly bad time spent for many of us in isolation.

As the first lockdown came to an end the Club began to meet tentatively again under the Government’s ‘Rule of 6’ guidelines. Our six-people ‘weekly workshops’ approach allowed meetings and the opportunity to practice and experiment with our photography. The Club wishes to give its thanks to the Haven Arms for the continuing support in facilitating these meetings – Thank You, Mark and Alison! We look forward to better times and returning to the pub for weekly meetings and events sometime in 2021. In the meantime, we encourage members to support the pub in these difficult times by using their takeaway meals service. Contact them via private message on Facebook or telephone on 07845 191 366.

We now look forward to 2021 with some optimism for a return to a more normal life later in the year. We want to ensure the club remains relevant to you and your passion for photography so if you do have ideas for things that the club might do – now or in the future – then please do get in touch.


FINALLY, we wish you all the best for 2021 – keep safe, enjoy your photography, make great images and can’t wait to invite you to our first ‘normal’ meet-up at some point in the New Year!

Looking for a New Year challenge? Well, you could go down the Weekly or Daily Challenge routes, or set your own personal project.

Here’s an idea “Hunt the Alphabet”. Find things to photograph that look like a letter from A – Z . This idea comes from Janet Bucknall a few years ago when she used a set of photos to spell the word HEDON. But we’ll add the rule ‘no actual letters’ allowed!

When you’ve collected your 26 photographs you might want to find a way to present them, perhaps in a grid and post them as one photo. As you see and take your photos of each individual letter, send them to us here to post as an encouragement to others #alphabet

Hedon-based, free, fun and friendly photography club.

Proud to be associated with the Haven Arms. Find with what3words:
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