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Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition 2020 – Call for Members’ Images

We are going ONLINE for our 2020 Exhibition held Saturday 14 November 2020 until Monday, 4 January 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible impact on the world and affected our way of life. Carrying out the art and craft of photography from an individual point of view, and from a Club point of view, has necessarily changed and we all have had to adapt to the new circumstances.

Hedon Viewfinders has managed to maintain its existence and identity as a Club during this unsettling period. Rather than seeing the restrictions on how many people can meet ‘the rule of 6’ as a negative, we are currently embracing the ‘power of six’ to develop our workshop approach and creativity. And before that during the six-month lockdown, members resorted to Zoom video technology in order to continue to meet both for Club events and socially.

We are now going to use what we’ve learned during the pandemic to stage our most ambitious event yet: Exhibition 2020.

Using the Club website, the Hedon Blog website, and links with local media, we will be hosting an Online Open Exhibition of members work which will reach a larger audience than we ever could with just a traditional exhibition.

All those associated with the Club and in receipt of this email are invited to submit two images to the exhibition. We hope to be able to use your Number 1 image in the Exhibition and your Number 2 image may be selected for inclusion too.

  • The theme of Exhibition 2020 is ‘Open’ which means that you can submit images of any genre.
  • Images should be taken this year or in the last 12 months.

We will categorise images in the Online Gallery and whilst not a competition, we will award some images with recommendations and award small prizes, and bring them (and their photographers) to the attention of local media.

We will offer images for public sale under the following terms:

    • A4 prints £20 (the photographer will get £16 from any sale).
    • Folio of five 6×4 prints selected by the customer £20 (the photographer will get £3 if their image is one of the five.
    • If the photographer wishes to purchase their own A4 print, it will cost £4. A folio of five will cost the photographer the same as a member of the public (minus £3 i.e. £17) so we can maintain income for other photographers. Photographers will be paid by bank transfer or cheque.
    • Customers will receive your images on professional photographic paper.
    • Hedon Museum (my chosen good cause) will benefit from every print sale and folio sale to the amount of £3.

More detailed information will be published. But for now, we can declare that the CALL for Members’ Images is now OPEN and LIVE.

Your Two Images should be submitted by email in the following format:

Email Subject: Exhibition 2020

Number 1 Image – Title (as it will appear in the Gallery)
Number 2 Image – Title (as it will appear in the Gallery)
Your Name

Please use the following convention to name your JPEG files no1_title_your_name
JPEG files should be of the highest resolution possible.

# Closing date for sending your images Saturday 7 November #

Your image files can be sent direct to or sent using WeTransfer to the same e-mail address if you prefer.

Photo: Teenager Daisy Blythe’s exhibition at the HIP Gallery in January this year.






One response to “Hedon Viewfinders Exhibition 2020 – Call for Members’ Images”

  1. […] The Hedon Open Photography Exhibition is a marvellous opportunity for photographers to showcase their work, and particularly during the current ‘lockdown’ proposals will provide a real focus of attention for the club. Your support and images are needed! Full details here. […]

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