The Eddie Vision Song Contest – Happy Hour with Hedon Viewfinders

Hedon Viewfinders photographic club has continued to meet online during the coronavirus crisis. The club has a reputation for being a fun, friendly and social place to learn about photography, and that has still been the case during the lockdown.

A weekly club meeting on Wednesdays at 7pm via Zoom invites members to meet, chat and discuss photography challenges. We have recently shared members’ best lockdown photos. These have included shots of Oil and Water (not mixing!) and taking multi-coloured photos. This week members are experimenting with Portrait Photography.

The club also meets every week on a Saturday for a Happy Hour (or two).

During Happy Hour, as well as traditional quizzes, members have held a Mexican Night and a Murder Mystery Night. And this Saturday the club is holding its very own version of Eurovision: The Eddie Vision Song Contest!

Members will each be allocated a country and will choose a song to compete in the club’s own version of Eurovision complete with the famous voting rounds from judges. With a photo element to the competition too, we are sure it will be an enjoyable evening with no-one receiving the ultimate Eurovision put-down of ‘Nil Point’.”

Email us for more information if you want to get involved.

CLICK: Contact us!

Fun, free, friendly photography club for the whole community. Everyone is welcome at Hedon Viewfinders whether online or in the ‘real’ world!

Author: Ray Duffill

The Hedon Blog and HU12 Online 'Beat-Blogger'. Bringing 'hyperlocal' news to local people; better informed, engaged and active local communities!

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