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Task 42 – Help inspire the next generation of photographers!

Task 42 – Kids and Teens Photography Competition (7-16 years old).
Supported by the Sharp Shots® Photo Club, The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the Nikon School.

A simple task for adults today, and that is to SHARE information about this competition, perhaps with your own children or grandchildren, or with friends you know with children. Let’s get the next generation of photographers inspired!

Prizes for kids:
Nikon Cameras
RPS Membership
Sharp Shots Online Courses

“Kids & teens will be encouraged to photograph their daily life through fun weekly challenges, which will inspire them to create dynamic images and learn new skills. Closes June 26th 2020.”


Hedon Viewfinders held a joint meeting at the beginning of the year with the Thorngumbald Young Farmers Club and members were amazed at the creativity and imagination demonstrated by the young people, mostly with images made by their mobile phones.

Encourage and nurture young people in taking up a hobby that will last them a lifetime!

Join in with our DAILY TASKS – we hope to provide a daily bit of photographic inspiration and encourage the sharing of our photos on social media.

Share with the hashtags #viewfinders #dailyphotos #keepsmiling #stayhome


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