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Live Facebook Photography Challenge Night – Wed 29 April 7pm

Our next Club Meeting on Wed 29 April will run live on our Facebook Group Page from 7pm.

This will be LIVE CHALLENGE NIGHT. We’ll give members a project to complete within 20 minutes. The 20 minutes is time to plan, take your photos, and upload the best to the page.

This is a test of speed, creativity and how you tackle the project technically. Anyone who is a member of this group can take part. There’ll be at least two rounds, probably three.

We’ll offer some PRINTS of your BEST PHOTOS as PRIZES (more details to follow).

Whilst the meeting will be Facebook-based from 7pm, members who wish, can still join us on Zoom for the meeting and pre-meeting chat from 6:30pm.

Meeting ID: 927 443 060 Password: 218286

Fun, free, friendly photography club for the whole community.


One response to “Live Facebook Photography Challenge Night – Wed 29 April 7pm”

  1. […] forget! It’s LIVE CHALLENGES NIGHT on Facebook at 7pm on Wednesday 29 April. Just be ready to join in from 7pm at Hedon Viewfinders […]

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