Merry Christmas! Looking forward to 2020.

A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all website readers from Hedon Viewfinders. This photo was taken by Jim Uney and was chosen as the Club’s Christmas Card via a friendly competition on our Facebook group page.

The Eddie
The Eddie

We’ve had an eventful year that finished with the club’s final meet-up for the Christmas Party on Wednesday 11 December. We awarded three “The Eddies” (like the Oscars but awarded in Hedon, hence The Eddie!) for services to the club. Firstly to Janet Bucknall for her role via the Facebook page in entering and having a go at almost every weekly header competition and Weekly Photography Ideas challenge. Janet has also established a lending system for those wishing to borrow books from our quite extensive Lending & Learning Library. Thank you Janet! Also many thanks to Glenn and Jo Stallard, Eddie Winners. Glenn arranged the club’s programme of events and meetings for the year which kept us all fascinated throughout 2019 with great speakers, field trips and practical sessions. Also thank you to Jo who was our photographic holiday trip organiser which saw us visit the Isle of Wight and Torquay this year – there were 10 of us on the Torquay trip. We also awarded The Eddie for ‘continued hospitality’ to the Haven Arms.

There were many highlights in 2019 (see the notices for these via website posts), but especially gratifying was getting over 100 people to attend the Paul Berriff, OBE public meeting. Even with a busy full house, we managed to maintain the club’s reputation for being the fun and friendly place to discover and practice all things about photography. And it’s fair to say that we have a smashing group of members of all abilities who always make new people welcome. So many, many thanks to you all for making the club such a pleasure to participate in.

So we now look forward to 2020. We want to go beyond “20/20 vision” in the New Year and not just continue to offer a great experience to photographers, but improve what we offer. Whether you are just starting out on your image-making journey, or have travelled that road for many years, we want to ensure the club is relevant to you. As ever, we rely on your support and ideas to help guide the club. If you have ideas on what we might do next year, and if you have time to give to help us organise the meetings, field trips and practical photography sessions, then please do CONTACT US.

FINALLY, we wish you all the Happiest of New Years for 2020 and look forward to seeing many of you at our first meet-up of the New Year on Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 7pm at the Haven Arms.

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