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Light Painting Collage

Light painting and other photographic wizardry!

Light painting and other photographic wizardry!

ALWAYS one of our most enjoyable meet-ups of the year at Hedon Viewfinders as we all create brilliant images with burning wire wool, lights, lasers and other associated wizardry at this practical photography session led by Glenn Stallard.

Using slower shutter speeds, different light sources and some simple technical gizmos and a with a heavy dose of individual imagination as you shoot, it’s possible to create really dramatic images.

Turn up to join in the fun indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) from 7pm at the Haven Arms on Wednesday 30 October 2019. If you have never done this before you will be amazed how easy it is to capture great images!

Also if people are interested, we can look at arranging a follow-up meeting to show how you can further edit your images afterwards to create even more pleasing photographs. We’ll arrange on the night for those interested.

Call for submissions to the Hedon Viewfinders Yearbook 2019.

We are producing a YEARBOOK of FAVOURITE IMAGES taken by our members in 2019. If you receive this notification as an email then you are invited to submit ONE IMAGE for publication in the book.

The DEADLINE to EMAIL your favourite image for the book is SATURDAY NOVEMBER 30 2019. Email your favourite image which should be of the highest resolution possible to

Participation is key here, so even if you haven’t attended the Club for a while, then please consider being part of the Yearbook. It’s free to be included.

The book will be designed and set up on Tuesday 3rd December and those interested can come along and help in its design, look and appearance.

Hedon Viewfinders Key Dates at a glance

Sign up to get news from the club. CONTACT US for more information. Free, fun and friendly photographic club. Open to all. No waiting list. No membership required.

Viewfinders – Through the Lens (Members)

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