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“What’s in your camera bag?” / Constructive Critique – Wed 15 May 2019

Wednesday 15 May 2019, Haven Arms, Havenside, HU12 8HH at 7pm

Our meeting on Wed 15 May will appeal to the curious! What kind of camera or image making device do people use? Which camera? And which lenses are their favourite? What gadgets and accessories? What flash, filters and fittings?

We are asking people to bring along your kit and camera bags and show us what you are ‘armed’ with when you go taking photos. If you are ‘self-contained’ with a mobile phone or compact, bring those along too.

You’ll be surprised how many people have the same equipment and sharing knowledge of what is available can really help us when seeking advice from each other on features, kit, accessories and apps. We’ll have a short break when people can meet up with others to ‘talk kit’ and ‘self-help’.

For the second part of the evening we are holding a constructive critique session and ask you to bring along one or two images that you would like to share with us so that we can discuss what we like about the photos, and how we think they might have been improved. Bring your photos along as prints (remember a protective cover for handling), or on a memory stick/flash drive. For those in the Facebook Group we’ll set up an album where you can post your images.

Tuesday 14 May 2019, Haven Arms, Havenside, HU12 8HH at 7pm

We have an extra session arranged on Tuesday for those interested in developing their editing skills. It’s a self-help group on using Layers, Blending Modes, and Masking in Photoshop. We’ll look at some examples on the big screen (using Elements) and those taking part can have a go themselves. You are welcome to bring along your own laptop.

As well as Photoshop and Elements, this should be useful for those that use Affinity Photo, Luminar and some other programs that use layers.

Do visit the web page and see what’s planned for the rest of the year.

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