Hedon Viewfinders Club News following successful meeting

A POSITIVE and productive meeting was held at the last Club meeting on Wed 6th March to look at improving what services we provide for members and to encourage more involvement.

A POSITIVE and productive meeting was held at the last Club meeting on Wed 6th March 2019 to look at improving what services we provide for members and to encourage more involvement.

Firstly, congratulations and welcome to those people formally taking on new roles (although they have already been doing lots to support the Club):

  • Glenn Stallard has an interest in training, and with that in mind will be helping the club to devise its programme of meetings, speakers and practical photography sessions.
  • Martin Pinder will be helping the club in the management of its exhibitions.
  • Jo Stallard will continue to arrange some of the club trips, particularly the photography holidays, in addition she will be playing a role in helping to encourage fundraising for specific things. Jo has also agreed to keep the notes of key decisions made by Hedon Viewfinders. Jo has produced the notes that follow.

Whilst people have kindly agreed to take on roles more formally, we encourage members to continue to offer their support where and when they can to generally lighten-the-load of those carrying out activities on behalf of the club.

Notes of Viewfinders Special Meeting 6/3/2019

21 members present
Meeting opened by Ray Duffill

Agenda read by Kris Munsen
Notes taken by Joanne Stallard

Club dynamics discussed
positives were;
The atmosphere in the club
The speakers we have had up to date
The settings being put on some of the pics posted on the FB page

Details of club finances given by Ray
These finances are shown on FB (Facebook) but before putting on web page settings need looking into so this can’t be seen by all. Suggested by Carl.
Suggested further fundraising to be undertaken for hearing loop for the club.

Meetings arranged to date
Nigel walker 20th March.
Paul Berriff 17th April. (A member) made the kind offer of paying balance owing on this meeting should it not be covered fully by ticket sales.
Costing for speakers discussed & arranged at meetings.
A number of people would like poster advertisements that they can put up in various venues.

Museum Exhibition
Date was discussed 24th April to 15th June. 20 images can be shown. Images for submission should be received by 3rd April. Brochure to be given out with museum submissions & also other images.
More pics in brochures for people displaying in museum. Tuesday 9th April suggested as an extra meeting to sort mounting prints for exhibition (using club funds). Exhibition manned by members & raffle tickets can be sold.

A further exhibition may also be held this year (possibly at Haven Arms). This one will be less restrictive on type of photographs and with more pictures displayed.

Glenn Stallard volunteered to help Ray with booking of speakers & plan in advance for winter sessions.
Martin Pinder volunteered to help with the running of exhibitions.
Joanne Stallard to take notes at meetings when required & write up official records of decisions made.
The number of photographs posted on a daily basis on FB has been lowered from 7 to 5, with this raising to 10 if from a club meeting/outing and members will be advised at the time.

Social media
It was discussed that a poll to be taken on FB page to look at whether keeping group as open is still suitable and the possibility of making the page closed.

Suggestions for further meetings.
Constructive criticism sessions
Professional photographer speaker. A few possibilities available for this.
A video making session, possibly to make an instructional video of a specific area of photography. Carl has access to top quality equipment for this, either before May or after September.
Halloween dry ice session with possibility of members dressing up.
Steam punks session. Martin Cooper to help look into this.
Another Film Noir session.
A mono night.
Use of water on glass etc.
Editing session possibly on a Tuesday to look at various available programmes.

Suggestions for trips/visits/holidays.
Whitby Goth weekend.12th to 14th April.25th to 27th October.
Pickering 40s weekend.
Tophill Low.
North cave wetlands.
Torquay trip.
Night in Hull town centre. Possibly 2 sessions (1 light night, comparison dark night).
Noddle hill nature reserve.
Waters edge. Discussion with Richard P. to arrange?

Any other business.
Competitions to be ongoing on the FB page.
Website to be updated & hopefully used by more members.
New members welcomed.
—– End of Notes —–

Note: We’ve also opened a new page on the website which will provide a guide to our meeting dates throughout the year. See : Key Dates at a Glance.

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