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Paul Berriff – An Extraordinary Life Behind the Camera.

Destined to be our biggest meeting of the year on Wed 17 April 2019. For a taste of what to expect – listen to the Sally Fairfax show recorded live on BBC Radio Humberside on Thursday 4th April. Interview starts 2.17 hours in:

“Paul Berriff – An Extraordinary Life Behind the Camera”.

‘Hedon Viewfinders – Through the Lens’ photographic club, in collaboration with Hedon Museum, is privileged to have BAFTA-winning documentary maker, photographer and film director Paul Berriff, OBE, speaking at its meeting on Wednesday 17th April 2019.

Paul Berriff with the camera he used to photograph The Beatles.

Paul Berriff began his career working as a press photographer in 1960’s Leeds, and was doing ‘street photography’ before that phrase was regularly coined. His press pass also gave him access backstage to local live-music venues where he could meet and photograph the performers, many who later went on to achieve pop and rock star status. His immaculate black and white photographs of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Roy Orbison and other legends have now become collectors’ items. The images, having been stored in an attic for 40 years as negatives, have been lovingly redeveloped and have only quite recently been exhibited for the first time in their full glory. Many of these iconic artworks will be on display at an exhibition at the Hedon Museum from April 24 to June 15, which are the same dates as Hedon Viewfinders own exhibition at the Museum.

It is, however, as a documentary film maker that Paul Berriff is better known, He has produced over 180 prime-time major network television documentaries. In 1988 he won the BAFTA Award for his coverage of the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster, which featured in his ITV series ‘Rescue’. In 2017 he was awarded the Guild of Television Cameramen Award for Continued Excellence in Cinematography.

Paul has also had the most extraordinary life experiences, which in the broadcasting industry has earned him the nickname, the “Indiana Jones of Television”. He has survived a major helicopter crash, leapt to safety from a sinking ship during a North Sea gale, and escaped death in Nicaragua when a volcano erupted around him. Miraculously, he also survived the collapse of New York’s Twin Towers on 9/11, where he was filming at the foot of the South tower at the very moment it collapsed. Having been knocked out and buried under debris, he was the very first casualty stretchered into the make-shift medical facility set up for the victims. Despite his camera having being buried and burned, Paul managed to retrieve it whilst searching for missing colleagues. The dramatic footage retrieved, is some of the most powerful recorded of this horrific event on that terrible day.

The meeting will be an opportunity for Paul Berriff to recount some of his remarkable life experiences behind the camera including seeing some of his unique images and videos.

Paul Berriff – An Extraordinary Life Behind the Camera.
Wed 17 April 2019
Hosted by Hedon Viewfinders Photographic Club in collaboration with Hedon Museum
Haven Arms Restaurant & Bar
HU12 8HH
Tickets available now. £5 (£4 to our regular attendees at meetings). Get the date in your diaries!

You can pay me for your ticket online by PayPal at the link below – then email me at and once payment is confirmed I’ll email you your digital ticket and number.

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