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Viewfinders Meet-up – Team Challenge event!

HEDON Viewfinders next meets 7pm on Wednesday, September 5 2018 at the Haven Arms, Havenside, in Hedon. The Meet-up will include a special Team Challenge event which will offer some fast and furious fun whilst challenging each of us, with our team’s support, to come up with a different approach to photographing something.

Those present will form into evenly-matched teams and each will be faced with the same set of challenges to photograph subjects or objects – you will be racing against the clock, and each team member needs to have taken their own distinctive photograph from each challenge; the outcome of each will be a team set of images.

This is something different for Viewfinders and promises to be a fascinating exercise that depends on us all taking photographs; so bring your cameras and kit lenses.

The aim will be to reveal each Team-set of photographs at our next meeting on the 19 September and decide on the winning team entry.

The meeting will also update members on progress with our funding campaign and discuss our major new prize competition.

All Welcome. Attendance is not restricted in anyway. Free, fun and friendly!

Hedon Viewfinders will interest photographers of all levels regardless of ability, image making device (whether camera or phone), kit or equipment. Novices particularly encouraged. Hedon’s free, fun and friendly photography group.
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