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letter A competition

The letter ‘A’ kickstarts our new fun weekly competition!

HEDON VIEWFINDERS new weekly competition started last night and will run Wednesday to Wednesday. We are starting with the theme – the letter ‘A’.

The outcome for the winner will be their photo on the Facebook group page header for the week and also published on this website. You can post up to 7 photos a day in the Facebook group and members who are not on Facebook can email their entries each week to or if you are on Flickr join our group page at and post there with the relevant #hashtag.

You need to submit your entry before the Tuesday of each competition week.

Glenn Stallard from Viewfinders, said “Photos for the competition can be new or existing stock. We are starting with the letter A. So subject matter is your choice. So get out with your cameras and start to think outside the box and get posting your pics. Please label your picture with #A.

Also for your personal challenge and photographic development, you might want to take part in our 52-week Photography Challenge.





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